Monday, February 28, 2011

Many thanks to Jennifer Miller, a biology teacher who defended science education from Christian attacks against it.

Jennifer Miller, thanks for defending science education in 2005 from the religious attacks against it, and I'm glad you make evolution a major part of your biology curriculum because evolution is what makes science interesting. The evolution deniers want to make science boring.

You wrote "
The saddest thing is when they make you pick one way or the other: If you believe in evolution then you can't be religious. There are a lot of scientists who are religious -- they're able to marry both of those things."

I'm wondering why you think the truth is sad. Evolution does have religious implications. For example evolution completely eliminates the most important hiding place for the god of the gaps. Also, Jeebus was an evolution denier. This means Christians worship an uneducated moron.

Your "
a lot of scientists who are religious" is interesting because they virtually don't exist. The top scientists of the world who belong to the National Academy of Sciences are 93% atheist.

Let's tell the truth about the religious implications. A quote from David Horton of Australia which I agree with:
"From May 1859, the origin of the Origin of Species, it was impossible for an intelligent person to be religious."



For some reason I expected better from but I just went back there and found comments from three assholes for Jeebus. I wrote the following replies:

"just because one has spiritual beliefs doesn't necessarily mean that they are a lesser human being."

Right. It just means they're superstitious cowards. They invoke magic for everything because they're afraid of reality. Their logic is "I don't understand. I don't want to understand. I'm too lazy to understand. Therefore the magic god fairy did it."

Maybe you can describe your fairy's magic wand.

"Believing that complex DNA just materializd out of nowhere is a ridiculous idea to many."

Complexity, complexity, complexity, therefore a god fairy waved its magic wand.

Some people will never grow up.

leuken, your "a segment of the scientific community" who are religious virtually doesn't exist. Like I already wrote, the members of the National Academy of Sciences are 93% atheist. There's something seriously wrong with the other 7%, but most certainly they are not fundamentalists, and of course they don't have one shred of evidence for any supernatural fantasies they might have.

And that's what every religious belief is, a childish fantasy.

leuken, describe your fairy's magic wand. If you can't do that, you have nothing to add here.


This subhuman is a world-class asshole. Here's my comment:

Another liar for Jeebus wrote "I have no religion and I have completely studied all the science and biology on 'evolution' and there is no evolution."

You have "
no religion" but you deny the foundation of biology anyway.

You have "
completely studied all the science" but you're still a science denier.

What you are mister is a pathological liar. No religion? You studied all the science? Do you really expect anyone to believe you? What's the point of being dishonest if everyone already knows you're a liar?

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  1. I so fucking hate idiots who whine that things like DNA "could not have appeared out of nowhere". First of all, these very assholes are the ones--and the ONLY ones--claiming that anything "appeared out of nowhere". That's what they're saying their magic sky buddy did. Evolution does not claim that DNA just magically assembled itself from nothing.


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