Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's see how long it takes for these Liars-For-Jeebus to censor my comment.

3/1/2011 UPDATE: IF YOU'RE A NORMAL PERSON (aka not a Christian) please visit this stupid asshole's website and tell him what you think of his using Darwin to defend his supernatural magic. One visitor to this blog has already done this.


These assholes for Jeebus had the nerve to invoke Charles Darwin, the father of modern biology, to defend their idiotic childish magical intelligent design creationism. Of course they were dishonest about it, knowing their gullible customers never check facts and they can't understand science anyway. Of course the professional assholes are equally retarded but that's no excuse for being a liar.

(Their link doesn't work for my Apple computer's Safari browser but it does work with the Firefox browser.)

I wrote the following comment at Darwin on intelligent design:

"And in the section above it is clear that Darwin thought that intelligent beings were the chief agents (of) the selection of genetic traits. It is also worth noting that Darwin thought that purpose or intentionality, even if 'slowly and unconsciously accumulated', was a central part of his theory of natural selection."

They're called farmers. They select the cows with the features they want for reproduction. Darwin called it artificial selection.

Natural selection means nature does the selecting. When a creature has what it takes to live long enough to reproduce, that creature's genes get passed on to the next generation. Darwin didn't invoke any "
purpose or intentionality" for natural selection, and your implying that he did that is just plain dishonest.


This was their reply and of course they used the code words "intelligent agency" for "The Magic Man Did It". Their "Darwin described natural selection as a causal agent with goals and agendas." is dishonest bullshit. Darwin never said that. Do these assholes seriously think I'm going to buy their make-believe crap?

Darwin described natural selection as a causal agent with goals and agendas. It is no accident he used the farmers and breeders of his time as a concrete example to explain his theory. It is just unfortunate that proponents today seem to be blind to the incredible amount of intelligent agency attributed to what is supposed to be a blind, pitiless "force of nature".

I wrote a 2nd comment:

"Darwin described natural selection as a causal agent with goals and agendas."

Show me the quote from Darwin that confirms this. Until then I will assume you're lying for your dead Jeebus.

You can fool your gullible customers but normal people want verification.

It's also interesting that you invoked the father of modern biology to defend your magical intelligent design creationism which Darwin showed is unnecessary nonsense. Have you no decency?

Also, Darwin was a 19th century scientist. I thought we were living in the 21st century. You religious guys seem to love to live in the ancient past. Normal people prefer to be current.

Defending your "faith" (I would call it something else) must be a bit difficult in a world of never ending scientific discoveries which have repeatedly eliminated hiding places for your god of the gaps. Fortunately for you your customers don't check facts, and in any case they are unable to understand science.


I wrote a 3rd comment:

Sorry to bother you again but I should correct something I said earlier. I wrote "Until then I will assume you're lying for your dead Jeebus."

I was wrong to use the word "assume" because I KNOW you were lying about Darwin. He never "described natural selection as a causal agent with goals and agendas."

You can say you stand corrected and I will forget it. Otherwise you're permanently on my list of professional liars, and I will make sure everyone knows about it.

Of course I understand your dishonesty is necessary. How else are you going to defend magic in the 21st century?


I wrote a 4th comment:

Why do you call a fairy with a magic wand "intelligence being at the center of the universe". Are you trying to hide the fact you have a childish idiotic belief in magic? Is your problem you don't want to admit you live in an everything-is-magic fantasy world while the rest of the world has left behind the Dark Ages you still live in?

And why do you invoke a 19th century scientist who has shown your superstitions are ridiculous to defend your childish superstitions? It would be like me invoking your dead Jeebus preacher man to defend evolution.

Well guess what mister, evolution doesn't need defending because it's the strongest fact of science, the foundation of biology, and it has more evidence than you could spend a lifetime lying about.

You owe the entire scientific community an apology because you have insulted their integrity and their 152 years of scientific discoveries.

"One need only pickup and read Darwin's own Origin of Species."

This is 2011, not 1859. There's been a tremendous amount of scientific discoveries since then. Read Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne published in 2009.

If Darwin could be alive today he would be proud and amazed that his natural selection idea is now stronger than he could have ever imagined possible. And he would be disgusted by professional liars like you who are dishonestly using his name to defend magic.

Let's have that apology.

My comments which you censored can be found here:

darwinkilledgod dot blogspot dot com


I wrote a 5th comment:

Your "the implications of design" equal "the implications of MAGIC".

When you call magic "design" who do you think you're fooling?

It's bad enough that your evidence-free beliefs are childish. It's bad enough you spread lies about dead scientists. You also spread lies about your own magical fantasies.

When your fairy waves its magic wand you call that design, and you think you can do that without every scientist in the world laughing at you. Pathetic.


I wrote a 6th comment:

MAGIC is at the center of the universe.

And the discoveries of all the world's scientists, both living and dead, make magic "more plausible".

Keep up the good work. You are proving to the world Christians are both dishonest and insane.

Find one real scientist who agrees with your childish fantasies. Not a liar for Jeebus like you. A real scientist who has made important contributions to biology, who doesn't work for a Bible college or Jeebus organization. Find that one real scientist who invokes a magic fairy (and hides the fairy in the center of the universe, at least your magical fantasies are original, other science deniers hide the fairy outside the universe.)


  1. My latest post was too long. Let's see if it works here:

    He's not saying there's any intelligence there at all, you're inferring it where it wasn't implied:

    "It is not that these countries, so rich in species, do not by a strange chance possess the aboriginal stocks of any useful plants,

    --->but that the native plants have not been improved by continued selection up to a standard of perfection comparable with that given to the plants in countries anciently civilised....

    The standard of perfection was a HUMAN standard, and he's saying the plants have not been cultivated by HUMANS.

    Why on earth would we read Darwin when there has been 150 years of research confirming the basic theory. Even if Darwin did believe in some divine intelligence, we would have thrown that out eons ago because what you ninnies don't understand is...

    DARWIN IS NOT MOSES! His writings were the BEGINNING of the science of evolution, not the END. His book is not the atheist parallel to the Bible. Scientists don't base their conclusions on authority, as Christians do. Science is based on evidence.

    If Darwin had gotten natural selection right but everything else wrong, was a pedophile, wore ladies' underpants, and became addicted to hallucinogens, his theory would STILL BE RIGHT.... because it's been tested, retested, and tested again.

    It's because the theory stands up to further evidence and validation by observation that the theory stands, not because anyone gives a crap about him as a person, or even of his original observations.

    Let me repeat: DARWIN IS NOT (equivalent to) MOSES!

  2. Ms. LadyAtheist, well said as usual. Thanks for going over there. I refuse to waste my time again with that tard.

  3. I wish I hadn't! The moron replied to me and I took the bait. How stupid can these people be? I know in theory some of them have high IQs but what do they put in that communion wine? It must be something that destroys brain cells!

  4. Yes... the stupid runs deep with that one. I'm not sure whether to continue engaging him or not... he seems really thick.

  5. Joe_Agnost, this is my translation of his ridiculous code words:

    He wrote "And the discoveries of all the world's scientists, both living and dead, make magic more plausible".

    It's impossible to be more retarded than this asshole. Most definitely he's a waste of time, as are all other science deniers.


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