Thursday, September 27, 2012

A brief summary of this blog.

This blog has 1,140 posts. What the heck is it for? Why did I waste so much time here?

This blog defends reality and attacks bullshit. I was motivated to create this blog because I live in the most god-soaked country in the world that isn't a Muslim theocracy. It's called the United States of Jeebus. It's the world's largest insane asylum. It's also called Idiot America.

The Christian assholes who infest my country annoy me for many reasons.

There's the religious brainwashing. It's called religious indoctrination but it's really the worst kind of child abuse imaginable because it destroy the minds of its victims, making them unable to have an original thought, and it sucks out all the curiosity they were born with. The curiosity that makes human progress possible is completely destroyed by our professional Christian child abusers.

I understand how the brainwashing works because I was a student at a Catholic school for nine wasted years, kindergarten thru 8th grade. Imagine being forced to listen to the bullshit "Christ died for your sins" several thousand times a year for nine years, while learning absolutely nothing about science. Fortunately, partly thanks to a brilliant girl friend I had in a public high school, I was able to throw the bullshit out. Millions of other victims were not so lucky. Their entire lives will be wasted because they will never be able to grow up.

Christian assholes have a big problem with science, especially biology, because science obviously makes their magical master of the universe unnecessary. Of course even without the science the god fantasy is obviously bullshit, but what terrifies Christians the most is science. They are extremely terrified of the branch of science called evolutionary biology. They deny it or they pollute it with magic. It's virtually impossible to find a Christian who accepts evolution without sticking the Magic Jeebus Man in there somewhere.

To solve their fear of science, they have been relentlessly attacking science education, a problem this blog has documented with 157 posts.

Evolution is the strongest basic fact of science. Evolution has two things going for it. The evidence is extremely interesting and the science threatens every religious fantasy ever invented. This blog has 95 posts about the evidence for evolution and 135 posts about the religious implications of evolution.

To find these posts just look at the right column where there are lots of labels, for example there's a label called "assholes for Jeebus". To find the word "LABELS" in the right column you will have to scroll down quite a bit.

This blog has extreme contempt for religious assholes, especially the Muslim scum who can't exist without crying like babies every time somebody in some other country doesn't suck up to their idiot prophet. When these insane retards for Allah are not crying, they are rioting, murdering people, and blowing themselves up. They are not human and they need to be wiped off this planet.

If you're an American Christian you need to read this blog to help you understand why your disease is destroying my country. You need to understand you have a terrible mental illness. A big part of being cured is knowing how sick you are. And you Christians are extremely sick. Of course your stupidity usually makes your disease incurable, but you should at least try to grow up. Unfortunately you almost never try. You're happy in your magical fantasy world, and you think religious indoctrination is a good thing, never caring how many lives you destroy. I hope you enjoy being ridiculed the rest of your worthless lives because the ridicule will never end.

This blog also has 109 off-topic posts. See the label "anything else I want to write about". These posts are about other things I'm interested in (for example the 2012 election for USA president). Any posts that have nothing to do with my contempt for religious assholes or my love for evolution get the "anything else I want to write about" label.

I no longer allow comments because I used to dread coming home from work to find out my blog was polluted by a deranged Christian retard, or even worse a wimpy atheist who thinks I should suck up to religious scum. If you like to write comments (as I do) you came to the wrong place.

Incredibly stupid people who deny the established truth of evolution

Hey science deniers, this is 2012, not the Dark Ages. We have something called science and it works. You science deniers have something called insanity and it doesn't work.
A suggestion for you god-soaked cowards who are terrified of evolutionary biology: Grow up, educate yourself, and face facts.
Evolution is a fact and if you still don't know that then you're an uneducated moron. Would it kill you retards to read a book? Would a little education make your Magic Jeebus Man cry?
Read it and if you still want to live in your childish everything-is-magic fantasy world, then you belong in an asylum.
Sorry, but I have no patience for bloody idiots who are too lazy and too cowardly to grow up.



Most definitely YES. But let's ask the Magic Jeebus Man.

ME: "Do you, Mr. Magic Jeebus Man, accept the overwhelming evidence for the basic facts of evolution, including the fact that you, sir, are an ape."

Magic Jeebus Man: "What is evolution? Also, what's an ape?"

My point is the Magic Jeebus Man didn't know shit about anything, but if he lived in the 21st century he most definitely would be an evolution denier. Jeebus most certainly believed in magical creation, therefore Christians, whether they agree evolution is true or not, worship an uneducated moron who believed everything is magic.

So does Christianity equal magical creationism? Just ask your dead Jeebus.

And you Christians who don't think Christianity equals magical bullshit, why do you worship a dead asshole who loved magical bullshit? I know why you worship a dead creationist ape. It's because you Christians, including you Christians who pretend you're moderate, are fucking retards.


If you're fortunately enough to live in a civilized country instead of the United States of Jeebus you might not realize how much extraordinary stupidity infests this country. Americans are god-soaked stupid assholes and this YouTube video demonstrates how bad it really is.

Intelligent Design On Trial (NOVA Documentary)


In this quote from his famous YouTube video Bill Nye explains why the evolution deniers don't know what they're missing. There is something exciting about how reality works. The magical fantasies the science deniers prefer are boring.

"Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology. It's like, it's very much analogous to trying to do geology without believing in tectonic plates. You're just not going to get the right answer. Your whole world is just going to be a mystery instead of an exciting place."



I wrote these comments at another website:

"Finally, acceptance of evolution is not rejection of God. Christian churches are increasingly embracing theistic evolution."

Theistic evolutionists are evolution deniers because magic is not a mechanism of evolution. You can't stick your Magic Jeebus Man into biology and then pretend you accept evolution.

If a person does not completely accept evolution as a natural process without a god fairy's magic wand, that person is a science denier. To call 'theistic evolution' a good thing is even more disgusting than the uneducated imbeciles who call themselves theistic evolutionists.

If people pollute science with their childish religious fantasies, they deserve the same contempt the Bible thumpers and terrorists deserve.

"Such an awe- inspiring process can happen only under the divine guidance."

Please grow up. Divine guidance = The Magic Man Did It. This is 2012, not the Dark Ages.

"Just another letter trying to prop up man-made ideas rather than taking God at his Word in Genesis 1."

The person who wrote this has a terrible mental illness and it's incurable. Religious indoctrination destroys the minds of its victims, and the brainwashing sucks out all the curiosity that everyone is born with. The god-soaked victim has learned how to never question anything, especially the idiotic insane Bible. The victim has learned how to never wonder, never be curious, never try to understand reality.

No curiosity equals no human progress.

"The strength of cumulative scientific evidence for evolution is such that most scientists now accept evolution as a fact."

What do you mean by 'most scientists'? 100% of biologists accept the foundation of biology (evolution) as the strongest basic fact of science. 100% is not 'most'. 100% is all scientists.

Mr. Obama will win the November 6, 2012 election for President of the United States and it will be a landslide.

I am now more than 100% for sure certain President Obama will defeat Mitt Romney in the November 6, 2012 American election. I did the math and I will explain it here.

Each candidate will win in states where they are so far ahead it's absolutely certain they can't be defeated. Each state, depending on population, has a fixed number of electoral votes. Those electoral votes are what the candidates need to win or lose the election. The for-sure states for Obama total 265 electoral votes, but Romney can only be sure to win 191 of these votes. 270 electoral votes are required to win, so Obama only needs 5 more votes while Romney needs 79 more votes.

The other states are called toss-up states or swing states because the polls show it will be a close race. Two important states used to be toss-up states but now those states (Wisconsin and Ohio) belong to President Obama. He can't possibly lose in those states. There are 7 swing states left.

The seven swing states and their number of electoral votes:
Colorado (9)
Florida (29)
Iowa (6)
Nevada (6)
New Hampshire (4)
North Carolina (15)
Virginia (13)

If Obama wins only in New Hampshire he will have only 269 electoral votes, one short of the 270 votes he needs. But if he wins just one of the other six states he is over the 270 required votes and he wins the election.

Unfortunately for Romney and America's economic conservatives (including myself) Romney has to win all seven swing states, including New Hampshire, to reach the 270 electoral votes he needs to win the election.

Even more unfortunately for Romney the polls show Obama is likely to win all seven swing states which will give him 347 electoral votes, way more than the 270 votes he needs. I predict Obama will win all seven of the swing states which would give him a landslide victory.

But even if for some strange reason Obama wins only one of those states, and that state is not New Hampshire, Obama will win the election. What Romney has to do is impossible. He has to win seven states where the polls show he will lose.

But what if Obama wins New Hampshire, and Romney, despite the impossible odds, wins the other six swing states. Then each candidate would win exactly 269 electoral votes, so both Obama and Romney would not have the required 270 votes to win the election. Then the United States House of Representatives would vote for our next president and their decision would be final. Since Republicans are the majority in the House (the Democrats are the majority Party in the Senate but the Senate can't make this decision according to our constitution), it's fair to say Romney would win. So all Romney has to do is win six swing states even though the polls show Obama will win all seven swing states. It can't be done. It's impossible. I have a better chance of winning the lottery and I never buy lottery tickets.

I disagree with Obama about lots of things but I have to admit he is extremely popular in America. And his opponent is a fucking idiot who can't go one day without making a fool out of himself. I'm voting for that idiot but I'm certain I will be voting for a loser, a pathetic retard who has done an excellent job of making Americans hate him. Even I don't like him very much.

Maybe some day the Republican Party will nominate somebody for president who isn't a drooling moron, but I doubt it.

Does the universe need magic?

Does the Universe Need God?


To justify their bullshit, cowardly gullible idiots invent more bullshit.

A magical soul was invented to explain and justify the magical heaven fantasy. Since the stinking corpse stays here on Earth to rot, the cowards who believe in life after death needed something to magically fly to their magical paradise. The magical soul solved their problem.
How do Christian tards explain their disgusting magical resurrection of the Magic Jeebus Man? His internal organs were decomposing for three days. Imagine the horrible smell.
No problem. Just invoke more magic. Their god fairy waved its magic wand, keeping the maggots away. Nothing decomposed thanks to the magical intervention of their magical god. When the dead Jeebus magically rose from the dead it was like he just came out of a bathtub.
For gullible cowardly idiots, magic solves every problem. Unfortunately for these drooling morons, magic is not real.


There are millions of fucking idiots who believe in a magical master of the entire universe, and all the other magical bullshit that usually comes with the god fantasy. They like to say "You can't disprove our Magic Man. All you have is faith that it doesn't exist." As if not believing in an asshole's idiotic fantasies requires faith. I call these fucking idiots "fucking idiots" because they are fucking idiots.

At another website I wrote some comments about one of these fucking idiots who expect normal people to disprove their bullshit.

"When people practice their religions faithfully, the world IS a better place."

Translation: When people believe in childish things that have no evidence, the world IS a better place.

What makes it better? The child abuse called religious indoctrination? The suicide bombings? The never ending Christian war against science education? All these people, the child abusers, the terrorists, the anti-science imbeciles, they're all practicing their religions faithfully.

I noticed you god-soaked people never provide any evidence for your fairy with unlimited magical powers. Let's have that scientific evidence and it better be fantastic evidence because the god fantasy is ridiculous.

Of course there never will be any evidence for supernatural magic. A magical god is as likely as a magical Harry Potter.

"In the end, most religion boils down to a single starting question: Does our consciousness continue after this life? The Four Horsemen can only use faith, not proof, to render their answer of "no"."

Your consciousness that continues after people (and not any other species) become worm food, that's your childish fantasy. It's not up to normal people to disprove the fantasies of cowards who are afraid to grow up. If you want to believe in a magical something after death, then it's up to you to provide evidence for it. Let's have that evidence.

You're like a person who believes there are pink elephants orbiting an asteroid in some other galaxy. Should I have to disprove that? No, of course not. It's enough to say it's insane. Your magical consciousness is equally insane.

A question for the Christian assholes and Muslim scum who deny basic scientific facts

Please tell us, Christian Bible thumpers and Muslim terrorists, what kind of magic wand did your fairy use when it magically created creatures out of nothing? Also, we need the magic words it used. Everyone knows from watching Harry Potter movies there can be no magic without the magic words that make it happen.

It's not enough for you science denying assholes to say "I don't know anything about science therefore science is false." Your stupidity would be much more convincing if you gave us the magic words we need to test your childish fantasies. Also, the magic wand would be useful for our tests. Maybe you could ask your magical master of the entire fucking universe to loan us its magic wand so we can have the equipment we need to test your insane magical bullshit.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

“Insults against the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, are not acceptable. We will not allow anyone to do this by word or by deed.”

The president of Egypt: “Insults against the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, are not acceptable. We will not allow anyone to do this by word or by deed.”

Fuck off asshole. What are you going to do, retard? Declare war against the United States? Do you want to take on America's armed forces you fucking wimp?
We Americans will ridicule your idiot prophet all we want, and there's nothing you can do about it you fucking allah-soaked moron.

There are no human rights, no freedom of speech, in Muslim theocracies.

Here in America I can ridicule Mohammed, Moses, and the Magic Jeebus Man and nobody gives a shit. Our Muslim scum might cry like the babies they are but they can do nothing about it. Our freedom of speech is sacred.

Everything is different in dirt-bag countries infested with cowardly Muslim assholes. Anyone in these worthless backward Dark Ages countries who says what they want to say about anything, they go to prison.

If they're normal (atheist) they either shut up about it or they go to prison.

If they tell the truth about Mohammed (he was a fucking idiot) they go to prison.

Read this bullshit and then tell me why Muslim scum don't need to be completely wiped off this planet.

Egyptian blogger goes on trial for blasphemy

Fuck off and die Muslim retards.

Creationist retards, also known as uneducated morons for Jeebus: "Micro not macro"

The tards accept microevolution but they invoke an invisible barrier that prevents creatures from looking too different from their ancient ancestors. They deny what they call macroevolution because that would make the Magic Jeebus Man cry.

Christian scum and their Muslim terrorist friends could use google or read a fucking book to study this stuff, but why bother with education when invoking the disgusting anti-science Bible is so much easier.

Biologists know new species have been developing for billions of years because they can see the history of life with their own eyes when they compare DNA sequences of different living creatures. Biologists know macroevolution is a basic fact, and they know evolution deniers are fucking idiots.

The science deniers keep repeating the same bullshit and they keep ignoring all explanations for why they are wrong about everything. The stupidity burns and the stupidity is incurable.

For more examples of the bullshit creationists have been babbling about forever please see Magical Intelligent Design Creationism BINGO.

Where did America's science denying assholes get the idea their total ignorance of science is equal to the knowledge and experience of all the world's biologists?

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."
-- Isaac Asimov

Christianity is a destroyer of minds.

It's called religious indoctrination. It's child abuse. It's out of control.

In America there's millions of victims. Their minds have been destroyed. Their curiosity has been sucked out of them. America's children have become as brain-dead as zombies. The professional child abusers (priests, preachers, Sunday School teachers, and other assholes for Jeebus) have permanently ruined their lives.

Richard Dawkins wrote about the consequences, what happens when these child abuse victims are students in a science classroom.

The plight of many science teachers today is not less dire. When they attempt to expound the central and guiding principle of biology; when they honestly place the living world in its historical context -- which means evolution; when they explore and explain the very nature of life itself, they are harried and stymied, hassled and bullied, even threatened with loss of their jobs. At the very least their time is wasted at every turn. They are likely to receive menacing letters from parents, and have to endure the sarcastic smirks and close-folded arms of brainwashed children. They are supplied with state-approved textbooks that have had the word 'evolution' systematically expunged, or bowdlerized into 'change over time'.

In October 2008 a group of about sixty American high-school teachers met at the Center for Science Education of Emory University, in Atlanta. Some of the horror stories they had to tell deserve wide attention. One teacher reported that students 'burst into tears' when told they would be studying evolution. Another teacher described how students repeatedly screamed 'No!' when he began talking about evolution in class. Another reported that pupils demanded to know why they had to learn about evolution, given that it was 'only a theory'. Yet another teacher described how 'churches train students to come to school with specific questions to ask to sabotage my lessons'.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

President Obama occasionally does something right.

President Obama addressing the General Assembly on Tuesday. He said restrictions on speech can be used to oppress minorities.

I criticize Obama a lot but to be fair I should congratulate him when he does what he's suppose to do.

He brilliantly defended America's freedom of speech at the United Nations. Thank you Mr. President.

“As president of our country, and commander in chief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day,” Mr. Obama said. “And I will defend their right to do so.” For that, he received cheers in the cavernous hall.

President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.



In today's news three more Americans were murdered in Afghanistan by Muslim scum who blew themselves up. I wrote this comment at a news website:

Mr. Obama, you own this war. After almost four years, the length of time required for America to win World War Two, we still have Americans being massacred by deranged Muslim suicide bombers. The blood is on your hands, Mr. Obama. Those Americans are dead because you're too incompetent to end a war against the most backward dirt-bag country on Earth.



It's time to criticize Mr. Obama again.

Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence

The Magic Jeebus Man shares an ancestor with chimpanzee apes.

Hey Christian scum, did you brainwash your children today? Did you threaten a biology teacher to defend your Magic Jeebus Man today? If not, you better get at it because your god fairy only allows stupid assholes into its magical heaven.

You Christian retards have a problem and that problem is science will never accommodate your death cult. You can ignore reality, you can try to prevent your children from learning anything about reality, but you can't make reality go away.

This is a reality your disgusting cult will have to deal with forever: Your Magic Jeebus Man was a member of an ape species that developed from the same ancient apes the chimpanzee apes evolved from. The distant cousins of your dead Jeebus are chimps. Also, you're an ape, your brainwashed children are apes, and your dead Jeebus was an ape. You fucking idiots worship a dead ape.

You have two choices, Christian tards. You can either live in your magical fantasy world the rest of your worthless lives, or you can grow up and face facts.

The American election is over with. The liberal extremist won.

PollDateSampleMoEObama (D)Romney (R)Spread
RCP Average9/11 - 9/23----48.644.9Obama +3.7
Politico/GWU/Battleground9/16 - 9/201000 LV3.15047Obama +3
Rasmussen Tracking9/21 - 9/231500 LV3.04746Obama +1
Gallup Tracking9/17 - 9/233050 RV2.04846Obama +2
National Journal9/15 - 9/191055 LV3.05043Obama +7
Associated Press/GfK9/13 - 9/17807 LV4.34746Obama +1
Hartford Courant/UConn9/11 - 9/181186 LV3.04643Obama +3
Monmouth/SurveyUSA/Braun9/13 - 9/161344 LV2.74845Obama +3
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl9/12 - 9/16736 LV3.65045Obama +5
Pew Research/PSRAI9/12 - 9/162268 LV2.45143Obama +8

The polls for the toss-up states, including Ohio which Romney must win, shows Obama is way ahead of Romney. The election is more than one month from now but it's over with. Obama will most certainly win.

President Obama was the first president in United States history who had the nerve to tell Americans how they must spend their hard earned money. His "tax and spend" health care bill is not optional. Americans, no matter how healthy they are, will be forced to buy health insurance whether or not they need it or want it. If Americans try to stand up for their basic human right to make their own financial decisions, they will have to pay a massive penalty tax for which they will receive nothing.

Our president has no respect for what is perhaps our most important human right, the right to buy what we want and not buy what we don't want. Obama is an liberal extremist, more extreme than any president in our history.

It gets worse. Obama has repeatedly threatened to steal money from wealthy people, also known as owners of America's small businesses that create jobs. And because of these threats guess who has stopped creating jobs? The job creators, the people who provide America with real jobs in the private sector, don't want to hire anyone when their president wants to take away the money they will need to pay for new employees. Every time our president opens his fucking mouth, he is making our terrible unemployment problem worse.

But Obama will win anyway, probably by a landslide.


It's because his opponent, Mitt Romney, is a fucking idiot who can't go one day without making a fool out of himself. And all the other Republican candidates for president were even more brain-dead retarded than Romney.

The Republicans have lots of problems and one of their worst problems is their political party is infested with Christian assholes who don't care about minorities, don't respect the private lives of everyone else, and don't give a shit about endangered species or the environment. Christian scum have completely ruined the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney has promised to do everything he can to make the owners of small businesses want to hire more people. He most certainly isn't going to help them by stealing their money with higher taxes. Only a liberal loon like Obama would do that.

The people who would most benefit from Romney winning the election, the millions of desperate unemployed Americans, will be voting for Obama. If only Romney wasn't so difficult to like, and if only he was better able to communicate without making people hate him, then he might have had a chance.

But the election is over with. We can expect our government's several trillions of dollars of debt to continue to grow out of control, and our unemployment rate will remain permanently stuck above 8% as it has been for more than three years.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Just look at the brain-dead comments at the Washington Post: I never saw so much idiocy in one place before.

In the comments the science deniers denied basic facts of science. One of these fucking assholes even pretended to be a scientist. Of course he was lying unless there are science denying scientists.



The Christian disease is not just about the denial of biology, geology, and every other branch of science. Just look at the bullshit they believe. I mean can a normal person believe in something as insane as the resurrection of the Magic Jeebus Man into a zombie? And then of course there's the magical powers of Jeebus, how he could magically cure sick people, magically walk on water, magically make food out of nothing. Did this magician carry a magic wand or what?

My point is Christians are not just cowardly assholes who brainwash children and threaten biology teachers. Christian scum are the most brain-dead fucking retards the world has ever known.

Islam is a crime against humanity.

The only people more contemptible than Muslim scum are the wimpy retards who suck up to Muslim assholes.

Whenever I watch one of Pat Condell's YouTube videos (atheist British guy) I am reminded of a wimpy atheist American liberal idiot who criticized me for being a big fan of Mr. Condell. Liberal scum are probably good for something but I don't yet know what that something might be.

In this video Mr. Condell shows he has a rather low opinion of Muslim scum, as do I.

We don't care if you're offended, and we never will. Get used to it.

Today's news: On Friday, Pakistan observed a national holiday, which it termed the "Day of Love for the Prophet," and called on people to go out on the streets to protest against the anti-Islam film peacefully. But the protests turned violent, and at least 21 people were killed. Rioters set fire to government and public property including a church and several cinemas. A number of Pakistani militant groups that are officially banned took part in the demonstrations.

Try to imagine the American government, to appease Christian rioters and murderers, declared a national holiday and called it the "Day of Love for the Magic Jeebus Man". Not possible because America is not a theocracy. Also, our Christians are retards but they don't riot and murder every time their dead Jeebus is ridiculed. But virtually all Muslim countries are theocracies, and virtually all Muslims are violent assholes. The few who are not violent call suicide bombers "martyrs" as if it's normal to kill innocent people. Fuck off and die Muslim scum.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Evolution deniers get everything wrong, including their wishful thinking that says evolution is a racist idea.

At this New Zealand website I wrote a comment about the uneducated morons (creationists) who think evolution equals racism. If Christian assholes want to see racism they should read their disgusting Bible.


It's almost impossible to find a racist biologist because they understand evolution. They understand that if person's skin color is black, it's because their ancestors developed to be best able to survive in a tropical environment where there's lots of sun that could cause skin cancer to people with lighter skin. If a person is white that person's ancestors evolved to be able to survive in a northern climate where there's much less sun. The lighter skin color makes it easier to absorb more vitamin D from what little sunshine there is. I'm white but where I live in south Florida, a semi-tropical environment, it's dangerous for me to go outside without a wide brimmed hat. My black neighbors don't have this problem so it's fair to say where I live black people have an advantage I don't have. They are more evolved to survive where I live. Anyone who says evolution is a racist idea have it completely wrong because the exact opposite is true.


Please see The best way to eliminate racism from the world -- teach evolution.

This blog has 7 posts about racism at

Selling panda pelts and killing pandas is now a crime punishable by death, and at least five peasants have been executed. In 1990, two Sichuan men were publicly executed after they were found with four panda skins. The minimum sentence is 12 years.


I would like to be the executioner. Scum who murder endangered species need to be wiped off this planet.

America's liberal loons would say "Oh no, capital punishment is immoral." I would ask them why do they think the alternative, extinction, is OK. Then I would tell the liberal scum to fuck off.

This blog has 12 posts about endangered species and the environment at

And now for something completely different

Pachelbel - Canon In D Major. Best version.

Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Andre Rieu

Every single fucking day a Muslim asshole blows himself up.

You fucking Muslim retards, here's more news from your religion of peace.

Suicide bomber kills 2 at Nigerian church

Hey Muslim scum, do you think maybe some day, perhaps a century from now, a day will go by without one of you deranged assholes murdering people to defend your allah fantasy?

Two good questions: Why believe in the Magic Jeebus Man? Why believe in any god fairy?

I wrote a comment at another website. The questions asked were Why should we believe in a Christian god, and why should one need a god anyway?

Why should one need a god anyway?
A god fairy with unlimited magical powers is very useful for uneducated morons who are unable to understand scientific ideas. Also, the god fantasy makes it possible for cowardly gullible people to invent other supernatural bullshit like a magical soul that magically flies to a magical heaven. Cowards need their invisible friend who loves them.
The other question: why believe in the Christian fairy? Every moron who believes in a god believes the exact same bullshit their parents believe. There's an obvious reason for it. Intense brainwashing, which has been perfected after centuries of practice, always convinces the gullible child the religion of their parents is the one true bullshit religion. This is why Americans grow up to be Bible thumpers and in Muslim countries children grow up to be suicide bombers.
Of course occasionally a child will be bright enough to figure out his or her parents are fucking retards. So they throw out the cowardly bullshit and they become normal, also known as atheists.

Praying = talking to yourself = a mental illness = extreme stupidity

Anyone who prays, whether it's showing off how holy they are in public, or prays alone, they are batshit crazy. Even if I wanted to throw out all common sense and pretend a magical master of the universe was real, I can't imagine why this monster with unlimited magical powers, also known as god or allah or the Magic Jeebus Man, would give a shit about the human apes on this insignificant planet in a universe of countless trillions of planets, and actually listen to a religious idiot pray.
Where I live (Idiot America) the religious insanity is out of control. The religious morons are destroying this country. The religious brainwashing is child abuse. The Christian war against science education is disgusting. Enough is enough. We got to eradicate the burning stupidity.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

psalms 137:9 Blessed is the one who grabs your little children and smashes them against a rock.

God's love for genocide, murdering children, and slavery, it's all in the Christian Bible.

Muslim terrorists are only trying to catch up with their Bible thumping friends.

In Pakistan, where more than 20 people died Friday in clashes with police in cities throughout the country, a Cabinet minister offered a $100,000 reward for the death of the filmmaker.

Bangladesh Police, Prophet Film Protesters Clash

Try to imagine this newspaper headline:

In America, where more than 20 people died Friday in clashes with police in cities throughout the country, a member of the President Obama's cabinet offered a $100,000 reward for the death of the filmmaker who ridiculed the Magic Jeebus Man.

You will never see a headline like that in the United States or any other civilized country. Normal countries (I'm pretending America is normal) have something called freedom of speech which is a basic human right.

But in Muslim countries everything is different. There are no human rights. There are only stupid assholes who can't exist without rioting and murdering people just because somebody in some other country made an extremely bad movie that ridicules their idiot prophet.

I can't say this often enough so one more time: Fuck off and die Muslim scum.

If you're an evolution denier you're a fucking retard.

Some of you imbeciles thump your Bible, and some of you fly airplanes into buildings.  All of you invoke supernatural magic to explain the development of new species. Everything is magic with you drooling morons. Magic, magic, magic, who needs reality in your fantasy world of millions of magic tricks.

My point is you Christian and Muslim scum are the most stupid fucking assholes in the history of the human race. We live in a world of never ending scientific discoveries and you ignore all of it or you deny it. There can be only one possible explanation for your creationism disease. You are just plain stupid.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim

Who is Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim?

He's the fucking idiot who, according to gullible Muslim scum, talked to an angel called Gabriel who was a messenger sent by the magical master of the entire fucking universe. The message was the entire fucking Qur'an, also known as the holy book that made terrorism possible.


And this is why we have daily suicide bombings, and rioting every time somebody somewhere in the world doesn't suck up to Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim.


Hey Muslim retards, is there any bullshit you don't believe?

“This is a disgraceful and hateful, useless and stupid provocation,” Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grand Paris Mosque, told the Associated Press. “but we are not Pavlov’s animals to react at each insult.”

The Muslim retard was reacting to to this:

The French government ordered its embassies and French schools abroad to close on Friday, the Muslim holy day, as a precautionary measure in about 20 countries. It immediately shut down the French embassy and the French school in Tunisia, which saw deadly film-related protests at the U.S. embassy there last week.

France fears backlash after weekly publishes vulgar cartoons of Prophet

The problem is Muslims really are like Pavlov's dogs. If France didn't close its embassies, they would have been burned down and innocent people would have been murdered. Muslims are very predictable. Every single time their idiot prophet is ridiculed, thousands of Muslims riot and murder. That's the only thing Muslim assholes know how to do. They can't create so they destroy. They're crybabies who will never grow up.

The French magazine was sending the correct message and that message is "If you Muslim scum are going to act like fucking idiots every time your dead Prophet is ridiculed, you're going to be ridiculed again."

Meanwhile the world's wimpy suck-ups send this message: "Violence is the only way Muslim scum can get the respect they don't deserve." The only thing the wimps (I'm talking to you President Obama) accomplish when they suck up to violent Muslims is we get more violence from the religion of peace. Obama and the other suck ups are part of the problem.

Instead of defending our freedom of speech, a basic human right Americans are proud of, Obama said "The United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others."

Way to go Mr. Obama, you wimpy idiot.