Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Magic Jeebus Man shares an ancestor with chimpanzee apes.

Hey Christian scum, did you brainwash your children today? Did you threaten a biology teacher to defend your Magic Jeebus Man today? If not, you better get at it because your god fairy only allows stupid assholes into its magical heaven.

You Christian retards have a problem and that problem is science will never accommodate your death cult. You can ignore reality, you can try to prevent your children from learning anything about reality, but you can't make reality go away.

This is a reality your disgusting cult will have to deal with forever: Your Magic Jeebus Man was a member of an ape species that developed from the same ancient apes the chimpanzee apes evolved from. The distant cousins of your dead Jeebus are chimps. Also, you're an ape, your brainwashed children are apes, and your dead Jeebus was an ape. You fucking idiots worship a dead ape.

You have two choices, Christian tards. You can either live in your magical fantasy world the rest of your worthless lives, or you can grow up and face facts.

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