Thursday, December 30, 2010

God is bullshit.

I've been trying to convince Christian morons their magic god fairy doesn't exist but I've been doing it wrong. I've been trying to demonstrate why their fairy is unnecessary, therefore it's not real. My point was 21st century science has completely buried the god hypothesis. There's no more gaps left for it to hide in, and it certainly wasn't necessary to invent the natural processes that make the universe work.

But there's a much better reason to throw god in the garbage where it belongs. Even if a person knew absolutely nothing about science (for example the Bible thumpers and terrorists) there still would be a good reason to throw out the god idea. That reason is it's bloody ridiculous to pretend there's a being with unlimited (or limited) magical powers lurking somewhere in the universe. It's an incredibly stupid and childish fantasy. Come on Christians and terrorists. There couldn't possibly be anything anywhere that can perform magic tricks. Even children (unless they've been brainwashed by Christian assholes) know magic isn't real.

"God can do anything" is bullshit. Where did this thing come from? "It always existed." Christian idiots have a stupid answer for every question. The whole thing is 100% pure bullshit and even worse an entire industry has developed that completely depends on this bullshit.

The human race has a big problem and that problem is most of their population is infected with the most idiotic idea ever invented. It's just bullshit but it's out of control bullshit thanks to relentless brainwashing that begins before babies learn how to walk and it never ends thanks to the religion business that supports countless thousands of worthless assholes who are too lazy to get a real job.


UPDATE: I wrote this post on 12/30/2010. Today is one year later, 12/29/2011, and I have some more things to write about why god is bullshit. Here it is.


In yesterday's 12/28/2011 New York Times I read about cowardly Jewish assholes in Israel who harassed and threatened little girls who were (in their stupid opinion) not dressed modestly enough for school. In the same newspaper I read about Christian assholes in America who used a public school to preach bullshit about Jeebus, an obvious violation of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution. In the same newspaper I read about another suicide bombing thanks to a Muslim asshole who thought he was going to a magical heaven for his cowardly atrocity. All this bullshit in one day.

Religious stupidity is completely out of control and it's all for nothing. There couldn't possibly be a god with unlimited magical powers. The idea is too ridiculous, too childish, too insane, and too impossible to take seriously. Thanks to 21st century science we now know a god is unnecessary, and even without the science it should be obvious to any sane person the god idea is bullshit for gullible idiots.

If you're a theist and you think your holy book has any value, or if you belong to any religion, you're way beyond insane and you're a waste of time. You can leave now.

If you're a deist who believes a god with magical powers got everything going and then it had nothing to do after that, you're still insane but perhaps you're not as incurable as the idiots who invent fantasies like heaven and Jeebus. You should continue reading this.

A favorite question theists like to ask is how did it all begin. Scientists have explained how the universe began but the theist wants to know what there was before the big bang and how did it get there. Their favorite answer is their god fantasy. A god waved its magic wand therefore the problem is solved. Where did the fairy come from? It was always there. What fucking bullshit. They have no evidence for this childish fantasy but they believe it anyway.

The problem with invoking a god for anything is the theists are invoking magic. They are saying magic is real or at least it was real. Their magic fantasy is just plain stupid. What's the point of it? They haven't really solved any problem. The only thing they have shown is they are too lazy to think.

A very long time ago I read about a scientist who was asked an unanswerable question. I don't remember his exact words but his point was "That's something we may never understand so I don't waste my time thinking about it." That makes more sense than invoking magic to answer unanswerable questions.

There's a reason for everything and that reason is not magic. Magic is impossible and the impossible never happens. Not being able to answer a question is not a big deal. Just forget about it. Even if every scientist of every future generation doesn't solve a problem, there still is a solution and most certainly magic is not part of it. "I don't know" is many thousands of times more correct than "It was a god's magical powers". The god fantasy is not correct at all. It's bullshit.


UPDATE 1/18/2011: I just started reading A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss.

The book shows that the god of the gaps has run out of gaps.

The next book I'm going to read:

Endless Universe: Beyond the Big Bang by Paul J. Steinhardt and Neil Turok



  1. God is a totally fabricated story, developed from earlier gods by bronze age nomadic goat herders. The fact that these goat herders had no knowlege of almost anything gave them a need to create answers where there were none. A god is a good answer, as it requires no further explanation. They pimped up the concept with the promise of eternal life in a suspended sort of animation with no body or other unnecessary stuff. The whole concept is, surprisingly popular with many people. People are prepared to spend endless hours 'worshipping' their hate filled bigoted god thing and wonder why the rest of us don't follow suit. The easy answer is that we (non-belivers)are simply not silly enoughto fall for the obvious fraud that is religion. It really is the worlds most successful con. And, all tax free!

  2. Another well-stated post. Religion pervades because there are people who make tons of money from it, and who gain a great deal of power. Political power. Community status. Tax exemptions.

    So the herds infect their children with this mind virus when those kids are too young to know any better. It happened to me. Fortunately I called bullshit on it around the time I was 13, but the fear of "hell" continued to haunt me.

    So well and so early was it pounded in that I still have a tincture of that fear today, and I'm nearly 41 years old. Now, I'm a die-hard atheist (to the extent that I have an athetist tattoo that I enjoy wearing around my bible-thumping community), and I absolutely live my life free from the chains of religion. But the faintest trace of that fear is still there.

    This fear has the opposite of the intended effect, however. Rather than bringing me into line like most cowardly, stupid assholes, it just reinforced my anger at the whole thing and my realization that this ideology really is horrific and toxic. It makes me a stronger atheist, and it makes me despise religion and religious people all the more.

  3. Hello Robster.

    "It really is the worlds most successful con."

    The religion industry is huge and lucrative. It's a dishonest business but it has the advantage of having customers who can never ask for a refund after they drop dead and their invisible soul doesn't magically fly to a magical heaven. There's a sucker born every minute. They are called Christians.

    Hello Anonymous.

    "Fortunately I called bullshit on it around the time I was 13 ..."

    I tossed out the Catholic death cult at 18. It took a bit more time to completely purge all the brainwashing. I'm enjoying the freedom. My youth was wasted but at least I know exactly what I'm missing and I don't miss it.

    What you called "the chains of religion" is what Christians need to understand. They are better off being free than being slaves.

    The atheist tattoo -- I'm impressed. I once saw a Jeebus tattoo here in Idiot Florida. It would be hilarious if that person ever threw out his death cult.

  4. Hello Human Ape, I love your blog. I love your attitude. I love your thoughtfulness and strong coherent arguments.
    Why can't the fraud that is religion be controlled by something similar to consumer protection legislation? I mean, it simply doesn't work. Believers are not protected from anything (see Christchurch churches), prayers are never answered, proof of life after death is still found wanting. Believers live no longer than those who choose not to believe, or enjoy a greater prosperity. It simply fails in every respect. Because of this it really should be taken off the market, but I'd be happy to see the purveyors of the nonsense in one long expensive never ending court case. Perhaps a class action?

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  6. hey human ape man i love your blog and your no bullshit attitude towards creationists and religion,religion is a filthy disease that infects majority of humans,religions preachers make money by lying to people,god is nothing but a myth earlier there wer different gods for rain,drought,water,storm and they wer all combined into one its all bullshit,great work man for exposing religion,idiot america needs to get rid of zombie worship


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