Thursday, December 30, 2010

According to a google search I just did, I'm the only person who ever wrote the words "Lanugo makes Jeebus cry" on the internet.

Lanugo makes Jeebus cry is the name of a post I wrote. Lanugo on human fetuses can only be explained by the fact that we share an ancestor with the other ape species (an evolutionary relationship that has countless tons of much more powerful evidence, but lanugo by itself is very strong evidence for our evolutionary past).

A professional asshole for Jeebus wrote "How obvious it now is that lanugo can only be explained by evolution." He was being sarcastic even though the statement is true, there can be no other explanation that makes sense. Does the professional liar offer another explanation? No, of course not. He couldn't do that because there isn't any other way of explaining hair covering an entire human fetus (that usually falls off before the baby is born).

Professional liars for Jeebus can get away with their bullshit because they know their gullible customers are not able to think for themselves.


I left the following comment for the asshole who works for the anti-science Christian Creationist Discovery Institute:

"How obvious it now is that lanugo can only be explained by evolution."

What's your explanation asshole?


If there's any Christian hicks reading this, I ask you the same question. It won't do you any good to go running to your favorite professional assholes because they don't have an answer. You're going to have to think for yourselves Christian retards and you have never done that before. Lots of luck.

Of course you drooling morons could just grow up and use the obvious scientific explanation (people are apes), but you will never grow up because Christians are too cowardly to accept reality.

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