Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Evidence for evolution so obviously true that even Bible thumpers and terrorists should be able to understand it.

Intelligent Design Proponent Says God Must Be Stupid

Here is one of countless thousands of examples of something from nature that can only be explained if evolution is true.

"An omnipotent god could do anything (we guess), but one who is omnipotent, serious, and thoughtful (at least as serious and thoughtful as an exemplary human) would not route wiring from giraffe’s larynx around its aorta."
A professional liar for Jeebus asked
How does the professor know that an omnipotent, serious, and thoughtful god would not route wiring from the giraffe’s larynx around its aorta?"

"That's a pretty easy question to answer. The routing we see in the giraffe makes the nerve at least ten times longer than a direct route, which requires more material to make the nerve and makes the nerve impulses take at least ten times longer to reach their target. It also exposes ten times more nerve to damage. The giraffe routing is not only unintelligent, it's spectacularly unintelligent!"

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