Friday, December 24, 2010

It's not necessary. There's not one shred of evidence for it. It's ridiculous to think it exists. Millions of idiots believe in it anyway.

By now everyone has thrown out Zeus and the other ancient gods, but today there's an equally insane fantasy, the violent supernatural asshole of the Bible, also known as God with a capital G, and its sidekick, a magician called Jeebus. This genocidal maniac is called a loving god. It loves the human apes on Earth so much it will torture anyone who doesn't worship it.

I'm not making any of this up. Millions of people actually believe this bullshit even though this is the 21st century. These superstitious idiots are called "Christians". They infest the world's backward countries, especially the United States of Jeebus.

It gets worse, much worse. An entire industry has developed to soak the suckers who are infected with the god disease. Their gullible customers are promised an eternal 2nd life in a magical paradise, but only if they show up at these businesses to spend their money on nothing. If anyone complains they are reminded about the eternal torture fantasy, the most disgusting idea ever invented, but their cowardly customers believe it anyway.

A visitor from another planet would think Idiot America is an insane asylum and that alien would be correct. It's impossible to be more batshit crazy than the retards who worship the dead Jeebus.

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