Wednesday, January 9, 2013

There is no science more interesting than the evidence for evolution. There is no fantasy more boring than magical intelligent design creationism.

(Skip ahead to the end of this post to find a list of my 12 best evidence for evolution posts.)

The religious imagination is paltry and petty compared to the awesome reality.
-- PZ Myers

Despite all the fancy code words and the pathetic attempts to make intelligent design creationism look scientific it's still nothing more than a childish magical fantasy. Except for the dishonesty it's exactly the same as the bullshit in Genesis. The only thing this ridiculous fantasy has is god-did-it. For every scientific problem the solution is a god's magic wand. No evidence required. I can't begin to imagine any idea more boring and more insane. Magical intelligent design creationism also has the disadvantage of being bullshit that couldn't possibly be true because magic is not real.

Evolution is an extremely interesting idea and the evidence for it is even more interesting. Evolution also has the advantage of being a basic scientific fact.

The theory of evolution is a staggeringly beautiful and rather clever concept that aims to describe how animals, plants, bacteria and all other living things have adapted, and continue to adapt, to their surroundings. The theory allows mankind to perceive life's history down the eons and understand how and why all living things came to be.

Evolution is the grand unifying theory of biology. It is a solid core running through all modern research from molecular biology to genomics to ecology. Where once biology was a disjointed group of subjects whose main role seemed to be just to classify life into neat categories, it is now at the forefront of scientific research. Indeed, the study of heredity - genetics - is said to be leading mankind into a biotechnological golden age with ever-more potent pharmaceuticals, cleaner fuels and improved crops.

This blog has 102 posts about the evidence for evolution. The following is a list of what I think are my most interesting evidence for evolution posts. These are mostly cut and paste jobs which is a good thing because my best posts are posts I didn't write.

Human chromosome 2 and chimpanzee chromosomes 2p & 2q

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A whole bunch of fucking evidence for evolution

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Evolution deniers can't explain why their god fairy would use its magic wand to create the giraffe's laryngeal nerve 15 feet longer than necessary.

Science deniers, how do you explain Dorudon?

The Great Apes: chimps, people, gorillas, orangutans

Endogenous Retroviruses make Jeebus cry.

Some stuff I stole from Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True

The ancestor of the Chihuahua is the wolf.

Lanugo makes Jeebus cry.

This is for the Christian assholes who say there are no transitional fossils.

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