Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why do evolution deniers refuse to study the evidence? Is it because they're lazy? Afraid? Stupid? No curiosity?

Maybe they think studying the evidence for evolution is a waste of time because if science conflicts with their Bible, then the science is bullshit.

Their problem is probably all of the above.

Since a google search for "evidence evolution" takes two seconds and since they won't even bother to do that they're obviously lazy.

They're definitely afraid of evolution. If they weren't cowards they wouldn't be Christians.

Their breathtaking stupidity is their most obvious problem. What's interesting is they also have stupid looking faces. Unfortunately stupid can't be fixed.

They have no curiosity because it was sucked out of them thanks to religious indoctrination. Why wonder why when the answer is always magic?

Any science that conflicts with Genesis has to be wrong. If the Bible says a god waved its magic wand to create creatures out of nothing how could they possibly question it? The book was written by a god and since when has any god been wrong about anything?

Creationism is an incurable disease because creationists are the most insane stupid fucking assholes in all of history.

Evidence for evolution (102 posts)


One more thing. Another possible reason creationists refuse to grow up and educate themselves.

They like to call evolutionary biology an atheist religion, as if non-religious people are religious and as if an important branch of science is a religious cult. Please remember these people are drooling morons and they're likely to believe any bullshit.

For these idiots studying science is a one way ticket to their magical hell. Is a little education really worth eternal torture?

Christianity is a incurable mental illness. Christians are batshit crazy.

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