Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I tried to explain to a creationist retard why he's a fucking idiot.

A Christian tard invoked his favorite magical creationism website to defend his Magic Jeebus Man and he called the fucking idiots of that anti-science website "real scientists".

I tried to knock some sense into the asshole at his idiot blog:

Sorry, one more thing and I will stop bothering you. Your magical creationism website on the first screen quotes genesis in the bible. You call that a science website? Do you think the University of Chicago or Harvard or MIT would have bible quotes on their biology department websites?

Come on mister, don't you realize what you're doing? You are telling the world that you think a scientist can be a science denier. You are advertising your stupidity.

Real scientists don't invoke supernatural magic. Real scientists make contributions to science instead of spreading lies about proven scientific facts. It's impossible to find a scientist who has actually made important scientific discoveries (instead of just lying about everyone's else discoveries) who doesn't completely agree evolution is a basic fact of science.

I have every single famous university on my side, every single biology department, and all you got are crackpots who think magic is real.

My point is, and feel free to censor this, any person with a brain who reads your bullshit would think you're an uneducated moron and they would be right.

Try growing up and facing facts mister. The idiotic magical fantasy world you live in is childish and just plain stupid. You disgrace our country and you should be ashamed of yourself.

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