Monday, January 14, 2013

Christians are assholes.

Christian scum like to deny things. They deny reality, they deny basic scientific facts, and they deny the existence of America's Establishment Clause (also known as our wall of separation between church and state).

All Christian teachers should be fired because it's not fair to students to get stuck with a teacher who is stupid enough to be a Christian, and because Christians can't be trusted to keep their dead Jeebus out of the classroom.

Christian News Network which I think is the only Christian website that hasn't banned me yet, has a story about a Christian asshole who has been using her public school classroom to preach Jeebus bullshit. The superintendent of the high school ordered her to stop being an asshole and respect our constitution. What she did next is typical for Christian assholes, she had a lawyer file a complaint in federal court. She will lose of course but not before wasting taxpayer money on legal bills.

Several Christian assholes wrote comments about it and not one of those morons defended our constitution. I don't think they're even aware of our Establishment Clause. Christian assholes usually deny there is a wall of separation between church and state no matter how many times they lose in court.

An example of their breathtaking stupidity:

When the authorities order the Name of Jesus to be silenced, the biblical order is to shout it louder. Where are the christian parents? Let them hold a very noisy protest/revival meeting every morning on the school front steps, and demand that all anti-Christian, antiAmerican-freedom tyrants be fired. When is the church in America going to get some backbone? Why do we keep lying down for the bullying? Why don't we make their attempts to silence us and restrict our Christian faith such a bone of contention that they would rather not get into the fight? We need some Daniels and Shadracks and his buddies. Once our store front church got a letter from the City Zoning to cease and desist our church services in that building. I wrote them back a letter telling them that it was our constitutional right to worship wherever we wanted to worship, and they should stop bothering us. They never answered my letter! We have to learn to take the high ground and give it back to them. I mean, Apostle Paul even struck a man blind by the will of the Holy Ghost, when that man was trying to hinder a soul from coming to Jesus. We have the power of the Holy Ghost to do battle for His kingdom. Why don't we use it?

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