Friday, July 29, 2011

Evolution deniers can't explain why their god fairy would use its magic wand to create the giraffe's laryngeal nerve 15 feet longer than necessary.

Mammals are descendants of fish. One difference is the longer neck of mammals (fish have no necks). Evolution, unlike the imaginary magic fairy the evolution deniers believe in, can't start from scratch when a new species develops. Evolution by natural selection has to work with what it has. And that's why the laryngeal nerve in modern human apes is 2 feet longer than necessary and in giraffes 15 feet longer than necessary.

For the details (I'm not explaining what's already been explained in several books about biology) please see page 82 of Why Evolution is True and pages 360 to 364 in The Greatest Show on Earth.

There are thousands more facts of nature that can only be explained if evolution is true. There is nothing in nature that conflicts with the basic fact that there's an evolutionary relationship between every creature on earth.

This by the way is the 600th post of this blog and my 63rd post about the evidence for evolution.

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