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Effective immediately I quit this blog.

No more new posts.

Even though this blog is dead I'm going to allow comments for visitors who have a google account. There will be no comment moderation.

Instead of wasting my time complaining about religious idiots I'm going to ignore them.

This blog will be available to read forever but I will no longer have anything to do with it.

Please see the Table of Contents.

If you believe in a god fairy you're insane. Your disease is curable but only if you want to be cured. If you don't want to spend the rest of your life being a superstitious idiot, you came to the right place. Lots of luck to you.

If you're an incurable Christian asshole, that's fine with me. It's your wasted life, not mine. Just keep your breathtaking stupidity out of our public schools you retarded subhumans.

4/28/2011 UPDATE: It's now possible to type darwin killed god in the google search box then click the I'm Feeling Lucky button to see this blog.

5/11/2011 UPDATE: I AM BACK.

Friday, March 25, 2011

If you're a victim of religious brainwashing and you want to cure your disease, you only need to understand one simple concept.

With only one seven-word sentence I can explain why every miracle ever imagined is bullshit, why every god ever invented is bullshit, and why all the gibberish in every holy book is bullshit.

There is no magic in the universe.

That's it. Wasn't that easy? It's not necessary to write an entire book to explain why bullshit is bullshit. The above sentence (in bold) should be enough to do the job. If the victims of religious indoctrination can understand every religious idea equals magic, and if those victims can understand magic isn't real, their disease is cured.

You've been trained to invoke magic (AKA god) for every unsolved scientific problem and for every unanswered question. It's pointless to do that because invoking magic is equivalent to invoking the Easter Bunny. It's not reality.

Scientists have already solved virtually every scientific problem. There might not yet be a scientific consensus about which ideas are correct but they have shown there's no reason to invoke magic for anything. There will forever be research opportunities in science but these points for future understanding are not places to hide a god of the gaps. It's just plain childish to invoke god (AKA magic) for anything. There's a natural reason for everything even if that reason will not be known for several centuries or forever.

For unanswered questions the rational person always says "Scientists are still working on it." Only lazy god-soaked morons say "The magic god fairy did it."


The two most important reasons I created this blog was to convince science-deniers to stop denying reality, and to convince victims of religious brainwashing to grow up, educate themselves, and face facts. For these goals I have published my collection of evidences for evolution, and I have written posts like this one to explain why god is bullshit.

I probably didn't convince anyone of anything, but if I did successfully help save only one person from a lifetime of stupidity it was worth all the hard work. If that one person exists, now or in the future, please leave a comment at any post to say hello. This blog will be here forever and I will continue to automatically get emails for every comment, so even if I stop wasting my time writing new posts, I will be here for a long time to find out whether or not it's all been for nothing.

The junk food industry, the tobacco industry, and the religion industry are equally worthless and equally evil.

The junk food and cigarette industries manufacture products that kill their customers. The people who work for these corporations are guilty of genocide. The Jeebus business is worse. It makes its customers insane.

All three of these businesses acquire new customers (AKA victims) by brainwashing innocent children. The junk food industry uses commercials for children's TV shows to convince them to eat the crap they sell. The cigarette industry can't legally advertise to children but they do it anyway if they can get away with it, for example there's the Joe Camel cartoon character.

The assholes of the Jeebus business are expert brainwashers because they've been mentally abusing children for several centuries. It's for a good reason most religious tards belong to the exact same religion as their great great ... great great grandparents. It's considered normal to call a two year old a Catholic child or a Baptist child or a Muslim child because the brainwashing is assumed. Mental child abuse is expected and tolerated for all religions. I don't tolerate it. I have extreme contempt for these assholes but in Idiot America I'm in the minority. The vast majority of Americans think it's perfectly OK to ruin a child's life with superstitious stupidity.

The parents do most of the brainwashing but there are also the professional assholes who abuse children for a living. A good example (if you can call a subhuman good) is Ken Ham of Answers in Stupidity. He has made religious indoctrination his career. He specializes in making children hate science. His Assholes-For-Jeebus business is extremely lucrative.

My next post is for the victims of religious brainwashing. I will explain how easy it is for them to recover from their disease.

I wonder what it's like to live in a normal country instead of in Idiot America.

Here's another example of out-of-control American Christian stupidity and the assholes who suck up to it.

"Oh noes!! Someone showed an alternate view point!!!"

Blutarsky, not all viewpoints are equal. For example your Christian fantasies have not one shred of evidence while evolution (a basic scientific fact and the foundation of biology) is supported by massive evidence from many branches of science.

Also, it's not really correct to call evolution a viewpoint. Reality is not an opinion. Reality is what it is, the truth about how our world works, and no scientific fact is more true than the reality of evolution.

It's not fair to students to give childish religious ideas equal treatment in a classroom that should be teaching only science.

The teacher is incompetent and he should be fired. His students should demand he be thrown out the window because every student has a right to be taught science by a real science teacher instead of a science denier.

"Creation science has not entered the curriculum for a reason so simple and so basic that we often forget to mention it: because it is false, and because good teachers understand exactly why it is false. What could be more destructive of that most fragile yet most precious commodity in our entire intellectual heritage -- good teaching -- than a bill forcing honorable teachers to sully their sacred trust by granting equal treatment to a doctrine not only known to be false, but calculated to undermine any general understanding of science as an enterprise?"
-- Stephen Jay Gould

StealthisBlog wrote "HumanApe - Nice S.J. Gould quote."

Unfortunately I need Gould's famous quote too often, and even when I use it America's theocrats still don't understand.

StealthisBlog wrote "
I am completely tolerant of various viewpoints ..."

Here's where we're a bit different. I'm completely NOT tolerant of various viewpoints especially when those viewpoints are extremely stupid and childish, especially when those idiotic ideas are used to brainwash children with superstitious nonsense.

Teaching magical bible creationism or magical intelligent design creationism is inappropriate everywhere because lying to students is child abuse. Anyone who teaches magic as fact has my complete contempt even if the brainwashing is in a church.

Blutarsky wrote "
(and yes, it's still considered a theory)."

John Blutarsky, it's interesting that you claim you have a "
molecular biology background" even though you don't know what a scientific theory is.

It's apparent to me, John Blutarsky, you're a liar. You don't have a "
molecular biology background". You don't even know what science is.

THEORY: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses. The contention that evolution should be taught as a "theory, not as a fact" confuses the common use of these words with the scientific use. In science, theories do not turn into facts through the accumulation of evidence. Rather, theories are the end points of science. They are understandings that develop from extensive observation, experimentation, and creative reflection. They incorporate a large body of scientific facts, laws, tested hypotheses, and logical inferences. In this sense, evolution is one of the strongest and most useful scientific theories we have.
-- National Academy of Sciences

Many Christians use code words like "intelligent design" to disguise their childish supernatural fantasies so they look scientific. They aren't fooling anyone.

I don't know who Mike Toreno is but I saved this priceless comment he wrote a long time ago:

ID creationism is misrepresented by its adherents, not its critics.

The various statements of what ID creationism is are simply obfuscations of the following argument:

I don't understand the reason for X phenomenon. Therefore X phenomenon originated by magic.

For example, take the contention that the bacterial flagellum could not have originated through a step by step process. That's an obfuscation of the true argument, which is "I don't understand how the bacterial flagellum could have originated through a step by step process."

The response, of course, is:
Well, maybe you not understanding something doesn't mean it can't be understood. There are other reasons why you might not understand something. Maybe you're just stupid.

Dembski gave some talk in Oklahoma, and he got totally pwned. He talked about the bacterial flagellum, and some guy in the audience, during the question and answer session, said, I can explain how the bacterial flagellum could have originated through a step by step process, and did it. Of course, then Dembski wanted more steps. No matter how many steps you present, the ID creationist wants more. This is a slight variation of the ID creationist argument, and reads as follows:

I won't admit that X phenomenon could have originated through natural means. Therefore, X phenomenon must have originated by magic.

And the answer, of course, is: Well, maybe you're just a liar.

The idea that proponents of ID creationism have been discriminated against is based on a misconception - namely, that every idea is of equal merit. ID creationists aren't able to gain acceptance for their ideas not because of philosophical resistance, discrimination, or conspiracy, but because their ideas are stupid. I mean, when a real scientist explains phenomena that an ID creationist says is unexplainable, is the ID creationist still entitled to a respectful hearing for his claim?

ID creationism adherents believe in ID creationism because they haven't considered, or don't want to consider, the possibility that they're just retarded. Well, it's time for them to consider it.

-- Mike Toreno

There's a lot of Christian hicks in hick-infested Alabama. What a surprise!

Not everyone in Alabama is a theocratic asshole. It just seems that way.

Please read the comments at this Alabama news website if you want to understand what the problem is. Alabama's Christian assholes think public schools should be used for religious indoctrination instead of education.

I wrote this comment for the Christian tards of Alabama:

"Carroll declined to comment on what exactly happened with the Bible distribution, other than to say he didn't believe there was any coercion for children to take a Bible nor was anyone made to feel guilty for not taking one."

That doesn't matter. Public schools are not suppose to distribute religious books, period. Besides being immoral it's a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

"The parent also said a science teacher at the school is teaching creationism which Carroll calls 'a curriculum issue' more than a school policy issue. He said he would be 'looking into it' as well as the Bible distribution allegations."

The science teacher who has been teaching magic needs to be fired and publicly humiliated. It's not fair to students to get stuck with a teacher who invokes magic in a science classroom.

Also, Limestone Superintendent Barry Carroll needs to be fired. It's obvious he's a liar who has no respect for the right of students to be taught science instead of being indoctrinated with Christian superstitions.

To all Christian retards (no matter how moderate you think you are): Fuck off and die you worthless scum.

I wrote a comment at this Tennessee news website.


6:36 AM on March 25, 2011

"And if you are looking for concrete proof, there is historical evidence of Christ and of events that occured in the Old Testament."

There probably was a worthless preacher who is now known as Jeebus. So what? He's dead. He never performed any magic tricks or what you superstitious dopes call miracles. There was never a Resurrection. Jeebus was an uneducated moron. You Christians worship a dead idiot. If you're going to be stupid enough to do that, don't be surprised if a normal person (AKA atheist) ridicules you and calls you what you are. You have my contempt because you Bible thumpers are equal to terrorists. You don't fly airplanes into buildings but every single one of you tards destroys the minds of innocent children. That's child abuse. It might be legal but there's no excuse for it. You will never go to prison for mentally abusing children so the least I can do is harass and ridicule you subhumans relentlessly. I'm not the only rational person fed up with your idiotic Christian death cult. The ridicule will never end until you imbeciles learn how to grow up.

Now watch some coward censor this. There's nobody more cowardly than the Christians of Tennessee.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you ever wanted to tell Ken Ham (the retarded asshole of Answers in Stupidity) what you think about him without being censored, here's your chance.

You can write a comment on his son's blog. I just did that.

Human Ape said...

Mr. Ham, you wrote "I have a passion to study the Bible and teach it to others."


You have a passion to study the Bible and infect others with your disease.

Would your father be Ken Ham? I once saw a video of him teaching innocent gullible children to hate science. Apparently you're one of his victims.

Idiot America will always be infested with idiots because cowardly school administrators refuse to fire incompetent god-soaked science teachers.

If you are authorized to hire and fire public school teachers and you let a Christian moron teach science, you are cheating the students and you are a world-class asshole.

There's a video about the Idiot-For-Jeebus here: Libertyville high school science teacher admits to teaching magical creationism in classroom

human ape wrote:
"Despite some calls for a Libertyville High School science teacher who referenced creationism in biology class to be fired, Community Unit School District 128 officials opted not to terminate him Tuesday evening."

Beau Schaefer is an evolution denier. Beau Schaefer denies the foundation of biology (evolution). He's not qualified to teach biology. Any student who gets stuck with this idiot teacher is going to be cheated.

What's the problem? What is wrong with the cowards who refused to fire this uneducated moron?

The students and parents need to demand that every single one of the Community Unit School District 128 officials be fired for letting this incompetent god-soaked subhuman teach science.


Human Ape

posted 3/28/11 @ 9:26 AM CST

"The 'teacher,' Beau Schaefer, admitted to teaching creationism in his high school biology class. The school board met March 22, heard arguments from members of the community, and decided to keep Schaefer on the taxpayer-funded payroll."

The school board heard from some uneducated morons and based on their complaints they decided to keep an incompetent science teacher, never caring about the cheated students. The school board should be fired.

Alabama? Texas? Lousiana? No, it was a wealthy Chicago suburb. This shows the entire USA is infested with idiots.

darwinkilledgod dot blogspot dot com

Human Ape

posted 3/28/11 @ 9:31 AM CST

"If one's interpretation of Scripture is flat-out contradicted by all the evidence of the physical world, and supported by none, perhaps one should reexamine one's principles of interpretation. The fossils don't lie and are just as much God's creation as the Bible."

I'm sorry but WTF?

Perhaps one should throw out the worthless Bible and every god fairy ever invented.

Will wimps ever stop sucking up to religious insanity?

darwinkilledgod dot blogspot dot com

Christians have to invoke their god of the gaps to explain the development of human apes, whether or not they accept evolution.

40% voted for Jeebus waved his magic wand to make people out of nothing.

38% voted for Jeebus said "abracadabra" to make the development of modern human apes from ancient apes possible.

6% voted for I don't know.

16% voted for people developed from ancient apes and Jeebus didn't have anything to do with it. (By the way 100% of biologists agree with this.)

Christians have to invoke their god of the gaps to explain the development of human apes, whether or not they accept evolution.

Of course you Christians are not really accepting evolution if you stick your dead Jeebus into it. If you invoke your magic god fairy to invent, guide, or use evolution you're an evolution denier. You're denying evolution is 100% natural processes. You are denying evolution can work without Jeebus waving his magic wand.

The 16% of Americans who agree with the 100% of biologists (human apes developed without Jeebus) is about equal to the percentage of Americans who are normal people, also known as atheists.

This means virtually every American Christian who thinks they accept evolution are denying evolution is a natural process. They have to stick their fairy in there, especially for people. They know if Jeebus had nothing to do with the evolution of modern human apes then their Christian death cult is bullshit and their cowardly idiotic belief in heaven is bullshit.

My point is since Jeebus's magic wand most certainly is not a mechanism of evolution, and since evolution is the strongest basic fact of science, Christianity is 100% pure bullshit.

If you're a Christian tard and you're still reading this, do you understand? Are you going to grow up now and throw out your death cult?

I didn't think so. Insane and Stupid can't be fixed.

One more time for the Christian tards who are unable to understand reality: There is no magic in the universe therefore your Resurrection is bullshit.

I wrote this comment at The Great Resurrection Debate:

Human Ape said...

It makes no difference how much fake evidence the Christians have for their Resurrection bullshit. Even if they said they had tons of real scientific evidence for the stinking Jeebus corpse becoming a zombie, it would still be a bullshit myth. Dead animals stay dead. Period. There is nothing more to say about it.

An honest definition of Magical Intelligent Design Creationism which is marketed by the dishonest stupid assholes of the Christian Discovery Institute

I wrote this comment at Why "Intelligent Design" is a load of old soap:

Human Ape said...

Take away their dishonest gibberish and Magical Intelligent Design Creationism is identical to Magical Bible Creationism. The only difference is the proponents of ID Magic are pathological liars.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For some strange reason I continue to waste my time trying to explain reality to the brain-dead.

I wrote these comments at Natural Selection; Creationism vs. Evolution:

"Why shouldn't there be a God, why is evolution so right, why doesn't the Bible have anything to say?"

God is just another word for magic. Magic is a childish idea.

Evolution is right because massive powerful evidence shows beyond any doubt it's right. For example every single time molecular biologists compare DNA sequences of modern human apes and modern chimpanzee apes they can see with their own eyes the evolutionary relationship between these two ape species. People are still apes by the way, which is a basic fact of biology that can be found in any encyclopedia.

Christian science deniers invoke a "common magic man" instead of a common ancestor. The reality deniers don't know what they're talking about. The childish "common designer" idea can't explain ERVs and Human Chromosome Two. Christians spread lies about this evidence anyway but they aren't fooling the world's biologists.

Biologists keep saying "study the evidence, there's tons of it" while science deniers refuse to look at it because they don't want to make their dead Jeebus cry. All evolution deniers are willfully ignorant.

"Why doesn't the Bible have anything to say?"

The Bible has plenty to say about the god fairy's love for genocide but decent people are not interested.

It's 2001, not 1001. Join us here in the 21st century. Don't be afraid. Reality means there's no magical heaven but throwing out your childish fantasies will help you better appreciate the real heaven you live in right now. It's called "Earth" and thanks to billions of years of natural processes it's a paradise. Only greedy people would wish for something more.

There's tons of evidence for evolution and there's exactly zero evidences for a magical god.

There is no debate about evolution. Evolution is not an opinion. Reality is not a viewpoint. Reality is what it is. It's called evolution and it's how the world works. Pretending there's some debate about the foundation of biology (evolution) and the most important basic fact of science (evolution) is equivalent to saying there's a debate about whether or not the earth is flat, which by the way is why biologists call evolution deniers "flat-earthers".

A Christian moron demonstrates another reason why everyone should understand how evolution works.

I wrote this comment at HB 368's purpose is to advance creationism:


bj1959 wrote "Just remember that in Darwin's teachings that black people are considered just another rung in the ladder of evolution, not complete 'humans'."

You couldn't be more wrong, Mr. Moron.

First of all evolution is not called "
Darwin's teachings".

Evolution is called "

The difference in human skin colors is as insignificant as the differences in cow colors. It doesn't matter, it's just minor differences in a small number of genes. Each human race has developed to have the best possible skin color for the environment that race came from. Look it up for the details. Find out why racist biologists don't exist. Meanwhile there's the Ku Klux Klan which is a Christian organization.

Also it's interesting that while Christians used their worthless Bible to justify slavery, Darwin spoke out strongly against slavery.

If everyone was educated about evolutionary biology there would be no racists in the world.


Both Christians who accept evolution and Christians who deny evolution seem to think there's something special about human apes. They think our species is on the top of a "ladder of evolution". These Christians are, as usual, wrong.

Here's two quotes to help you Christian tards understand.

You know, there’s this pervasive idea in biology that I think is wrong. It goes: we humans are at the pinnacle of the evolutionary tree, and as you get up that tree, brain size must get bigger. But a fly is just as evolved as a human. It’s just evolved to a different niche.

Humans aren't high on the evolutionary scale…there is no evolutionary scale. We aren't the pinnacle of anything.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"I know there is a heaven because God's word speaks of one."

God's word is a big problem in Idiot America. More than two hundred million cowardly Americans invoke God's word to justify their childish fantasies and their willingness to throw out all of science. There's no helping these subhumans. Their disease is incurable unless they are lucky enough (when they're still very young) to meet someone who isn't infected.

The title of this post was a typical comment from the tards who voted YES for a poll that asked "Do you believe in heaven?"

The results were about what I would expect for Idiot America despite the thousands of PZ's minions who have been trying to fix it. About 105,000 votes for heaven, about 25,000 votes against heaven, and about 16,000 votes for I'm not sure but I hope so.

Without the childish heaven fantasy preachers would have to get real jobs and there would be no more daily suicide bombings. It's fair to say the people who believe in heaven have no moral values, they're gullible idiots, they're severely mentally ill, and they're wasting their lives.

I tell these cowards "You're already living in a real heaven. If you still wish for a magical heaven you're being greedy (and a few other things)."

Definition of atheist and theist

atheist = a normal person

theist = an idiot who invokes magic to explain everything he or she doesn't understand

Monday, March 21, 2011

Christians are liars and they know nothing about science. Their opinion doesn't matter because they're morons.

Hello Christians tards. How are you assholes doing today? Have you cowardly subhumans harassed and threatened your favorite biology teacher lately? Don't forget, you have to keep attacking science, scientists, science teachers, and science education or else your childish idiotic Jeebus death cult will go extinct.

So get out there Christian scum and yell at a science teacher, thump your worthless holy book, try to brainwash someone else's son or daughter, and be an asshole for Jeebus.

But it is also appropriate that students understand that intelligent design is a theory that many scientists are beginning to consider and hold because of the weaknesses in the scientific evidence supporting evolution.

Three lies in one sentence. Exactly what I would expect from a cowardly know-nothing Christian.

"Intelligent design" are fancy code words that mean "
supernatural magic". It's not a scientific theory and there are exactly zero real biologists who don't laugh at it.

Evolution is the strongest basic fact of science. Like our planet's orbit around the sun, it has exactly zero weaknesses. There's nothing weak about reality.

Christians are liars and they know nothing about science. They are not qualified to say anything about science education. Their opinion doesn't matter because they're morons.

Christian assholes in Tennessee want to throw out our constitution so they can pollute science education with their Jeebus bullshit.

I wrote five comments at HB 368's purpose is to advance creationism.


"The bill is for people who do not believe in separation of church and state."

The theocrats who attack science education to defend their dead Jeebus want to throw out the Establishment Clause of our constitution. They are traitors and they should get out of my country.

Science deniers are terrified of evolutionary biology because this branch of science threatens their idiotic Christian death cult. So they attack biology education for their own children and everyone else's children. These uneducated morons have no right to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs. Christian idiots need to learn how to shut up about what they know nothing about. If they can't shut up they need to be ridiculed and publicly humiliated because that's what these subhumans deserve.

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."
-- Isaac Asimov


From a previous comment: "Nowhere in the constitution does it say separation of church and state."

Our 3rd president and the author of the Declaration of Independence coined the words "
separation of church and state". He was talking about the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Since then everyone knows "separation of church and state" is the idea behind the Establishment Clause. Everyone except you but now you know it. If you can't respect the Establishment Clause of our constitution then you're a traitor and you need to get out of my country.

The breathtaking stupidity of Christians is beyond amazing. They can't understand simple scientific concepts like Natural Selection. They can't even understand the most simple concept of our Bill of Rights. I guess that's why they belong to the Christian Death Cult which is an organization of uneducated morons.


The same uneducated dope who is unable to understand our Bill of Rights wrote "They are simply both THEORIES, and one is not any more provable than the other."

Your childish idiotic magical creationism (a Dark Ages idea) is not a scientific theory. Your magic isn't even a scientific hypothesis. It's a religious myth for Bible thumpers and Muslim terrorists. You can't force competent biology teachers to teach your magic because they would rather quit their jobs than lie to their students. You Liars-For-Jeebus are going to have to do your own lying. You can't expect science teachers to mentally abuse children with your Jeebus fantasies.

You know nothing about our Bill of Rights and you know nothing about science. You don't even know what a scientific theory is. Even worse you want students to be as stupid as you are. Read this definition of theory as the word is used by scientists then learn how to shut up about things you know nothing about.

In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses. The contention that evolution should be taught as a "theory, not as a fact" confuses the common use of these words with the scientific use. In science, theories do not turn into facts through the accumulation of evidence. Rather, theories are the end points of science. They are understandings that develop from extensive observation, experimentation, and creative reflection. They incorporate a large body of scientific facts, laws, tested hypotheses, and logical inferences. In this sense, evolution is one of the strongest and most useful scientific theories we have.
-- National Academy of Sciences

By the way evolution is a basic scientific fact. For example our evolutionary relationship with the other Great Apes has been repeatedly been proven beyond any doubt thanks to extremely powerful evidence from molecular biology and genetics.


billhamblin, who continues to prove Christians are uneducated morons, wrote "Get out of your country? Why don't you get out of my country. You know, the one where you have freedom of choice? Why don't you move to China, or some other godless country, where only your ilk can be heard."

You sir, are the traitor who can't respect our constitution. I didn't serve in the United States Army so cowardly Christians like you can throw out our Bill of Rights to defend their dead Jeebus.

It's interesting that you share your childish belief in magical creationism with Muslim terrorists. You also have the cowardly belief in heaven which makes terrorism possible. You indirectly support terrorism and you want to destroy my country's science education to give equal time for your Christian fantasies. You are an enemy of America and you have my total contempt. Theocrats like you are being watched and you will never be allowed to get away with anything.

Grow up or shut up.


Dishonest cowardly Christian theocrats keep trying to disguise their childish belief in magical creationism so they can sneak their fantasies into America's science classrooms. Despite all the code words they use, including "critical analysis of scientific theories", "creation science", "strengths and weaknesses", and "intelligent design", it's still magical creationism, it's still nonsense, and it's not science. Magic, no matter what code words for magic are used, is nothing more than a religious fantasy for terrorists and Christian subhumans.

These words were written by a famous paleontologist back when Christians dishonestly called their supernatural magic "
creation science".

Creation science has not entered the curriculum for a reason so simple and so basic that we often forget to mention it: because it is false, and because good teachers understand exactly why it is false. What could be more destructive of that most fragile yet most precious commodity in our entire intellectual heritage -- good teaching -- than a bill forcing honorable teachers to sully their sacred trust by granting equal treatment to a doctrine not only known to be false, but calculated to undermine any general understanding of science as an enterprise?"
-- Stephen Jay Gould


"You have to intentionally remain ignorant to somehow not understand the truth of evolution."

"You have to intentionally remain ignorant to somehow not understand the truth of evolution."

It also helps if you're a cowardly god-soaked idiot.

Here's some copying and pasting (in italic as usual):

Evolution through natural selection remains as valid today as it was 150 years ago when expressed with great elegance by Charles Darwin in The Origin of Species. The mechanism of evolution depends on the fact that tiny hereditable changes take place the whole time in all organisms, from microbes to people.

An important feature of Darwinian evolution is that it operates at the level of the individual. There is no mechanism for natural selection to change the species as a whole, other than through the accumulation of changes that lead to the survival of the fittest individuals.

The rate of evolution varies enormously between different types of organism and different environmental circumstances. It can proceed very quickly when the pressure is great, as, for example, with bacteria exposed to antibiotics, when drug-resistant mutations may arise and spread through the bacterial population within months.

Why does it matter? Evolution is coming under renewed assault, particularly in the US, from fundamentalist Christians who want creationism to be taught in schools. Although evolution has had virtually unanimous support from professional scientists for at least a century, polls show that American public opinion still favours creationism.


The idea that people today can question evolution is beyond amazing to me. It is much easier to understand some people thinking you would sail off the edge of the earth 500 years ago than anyone in the USA thinking there is any serious debate about evolution (there are parts of the world where the educational system does not give everyone a chance to see the available evidence, so I can forgive some in the world for being ignorant – not having been exposed to the evidence). And I guess there are parts of the USA educational system that are nearly so poor also where a gullible student could not see the truth. But in the USA the evidence is easily at hand – you have to intentionally remain ignorant to somehow not understand the truth of evolution.