Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MAGIC: any art that invokes supernatural powers

Bible thumpers and terrorists believe in a magician, also known as God and Allah.

That's OK with me. Everyone has to have a hobby. For the insane and terminally stupid, it's logical to have a hobby that requires believing in something as idiotic as magic.

What bugs me is when these subhumans are not honest about what their childish hobby is. Virtually all of these uneducated morons refuse to admit their favorite god is nothing more a fairy with a magic wand. Who do they think they're fooling?

To avoid admitting the truth (they have a childish belief in magic) these idiots have invented countless code words. Currently the most popular code words for magic are "intelligent design". They dishonestly say they don't invoke a supernatural magician. Instead they invoke a designer. A designer who can make creatures out of nothing. How is that not magic?

Apparently it's impossible to be a theist without also being a pathological liar. These superstitious assholes know how retarded they would look if they told the truth about what their childish fantasies really are.

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