If you look at the universe and study the universe, what you find is that there is no evidence that we need anything other than the laws of physics and the other laws of science to explain everything we see. There's absolutely no evidence that we need any supernatural hand of god. -- Lawrence Krauss, World-Renowned Physicist
There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms. -- Encyclopedia Britannica
FAITH. No one word personifies the absolute worst and most wicked properties of religion better than that. Faith is mind-rot. It’s the poison that destroys critical thinking, undermines evidence, and leads people into lives dedicated to absurdity. It’s a parasite regarded as a virtue. -- PZ Myers
Religion is the antithesis of science, an anesthetic for the mind that disables critical thought and encourages the acceptance of inanity as fact, and wishful thinking as evidence. -- PZ Myers

Friday, March 11, 2011

Agnostics are idiots.

Anyone who believes in a magic god fairy is part of the terrorism problem because they make terrorists feel normal even though there's nothing normal about being superstitious.

Anyone who sucks up to religious stupidity (the atheist wimps) are part of the terrorism problem for the same reason. The terrorists think "Even some atheists say there's nothing wrong with believing in magic therefore we're normal."

Agnostics are part of the terrorism problem because they won't completely rule out the existence of a supernatural magician. The terrorists love agnostics. Agnostics must think a magic god fairy is more likely than a magical Easter Bunny because I never hear them say "We can't know there's not an Easter Bunny." Agnostics are full of shit and they have my complete contempt.

There's only one possible way people can call themselves normal. They must be 100% absolutely certain there are no magical god fairies hiding in the universe or anywhere else. If you are not certain about magic being bullshit you're mentally disturbed. I thank these brainwashed idiots for giving the world the 9/11 suicide attacks.

If you're an atheist but you suck up to theists you're not normal because there's nothing normal about being morally corrupt. There's nothing normal about being a wimpy suck-up.

On 9/11/2001 I turned on my TV in time to watch the 2nd World Trade Center tower cave in on itself, knowing there were hundreds or thousands of people being killed. Every time I see a moron walking into a church I see a gullible coward who doesn't care that his or her childish idiotic heaven fantasy makes terrorism possible.

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