Friday, March 11, 2011

My comment is awaiting vaporization.

I wrote these comments at this website for Christian assholes.

Institute for MAGIC Research -- what scientific discoveries has this institute made? What evidence do they have for their supernatural magic?

"When it comes to teaching biology, evolution doesn’t fit the bill."

Evolution is the foundation of biology. It's impossible to properly teach biology without making evolution part of every lesson.

"For 40 years, ICR has been the leader in scientific research from a biblical perspective"

Real biologists don't do scientific research from the perspective of a religious book written many centuries ago. They don't say "this discovery can't be correct because it conflicts with a holy book."

I'm curious, why does your religion require the complete denial of the most important basic fact of science? And do you really think your cult will last forever in a world of never ending scientific progress?

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  1. My comment is awaiting vaporization now too. Yep, I took the bait. Here 'tis:

    How can you say that the past is unobservable? There's something called a FOSSIL RECORD which is difficult to observe but not impossible. It's certainly more trustworthy than a fairy tale cobbled together by a bunch of bronze era human beings with zero opportunity to observe the fossil record.

    And what about DNA? As more and more of the double helixes of different life forms get unraveled family relationships are clearly observable.

    Observation & dDeduction is infinitely more valid as a scientific method than reading an ancient fairy tale then looking around for anything that you believe makes it appear valid while ignoring all contrary evidence or other possible explanations.

    Keep your own head in the sand but let children see the truth for themselves. They can join you in your ignorance as adults if they choose to but they shouldn't be brainwashed by you cretins before they've had a chance to grow up.


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