Sunday, March 13, 2011

Even religious scientists agree - theistic evolution is bullshit.

A science blog explains what couldn't possibly be more obvious - Theistic science? No such thing

Christians who call themselves theistic evolutionists will not be able find any religious scientists who agree with them. There can be nothing theistic about any branch of science, including evolutionary biology. "Theistic biologist" is as stupid as saying "theistic garbage man".

Christians, keep your fairy's magic wand out of science. You are only showing off your idiocy when you invoke your worthless theistic bullshit. I'm talking about the 38% of Americans who agree with this Gallup Poll question: Modern human apes have developed over millions of years from ancient apes, but the magic god fairy guided this process.

Christians, if you are unable to completely accept the facts of evolutionary biology without your supernatural bullshit then you're a science denier. If you think you can pollute science with magic you're as insane as the Bible thumpers and the terrorists.

The Gallup Poll shows that only 16% of Americans are not god-soaked retards. 16%!!! This is why Idiot America is an international laughing stock.

One more thing: You atheist wimps who think it's perfectly OK if Christian assholes pollute biology with magic, you're part of the problem and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You morons are equal to the thumpers and the terrorists you suck up to.

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