Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Islam Terrorist Organization - today's news.

I just typed "suicide bomber" into Google News and I got 2,459 results (that's just the current news).

When I type "suicide bomber" into Google I get 3,360,000 results.

Guess what Religion of Peace is responsible for 100% of all suicide bombings?

Guess what idiotic childish cowardly religious fantasy makes terrorism possible?

By the way, this is why direct deposit of paychecks is a good idea. Getting in line for anything, even getting paid, is dangerous.

A suicide bomber has targeted a bank in the northern Iraqi town of Haditha, killing at least nine people. At least eight others were wounded in the midday blast, which is said to have hit people waiting at the al-Rafidain bank to collect their salaries ...

Islamabad, March 3 (DPA) A suicide car bombing and ambush against security forces Thursday in northwestern Pakistan killed 15 people, including nine policemen, and injured 25, government officials said. 'The suicide bomber detonated his ...

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