Saturday, March 5, 2011

FAITH: Belief not based on logical proof or material evidence

Christians think believing in ridiculous fantasies that couldn't possibly have any evidence is a good thing. For them faith is a virtue. The idea that it's wonderful to have faith (as if being a gullible idiot is not a character flaw) is a major part of religious indoctrination (also known as child abuse).

Unfortunately I know virtually everything there is to know about religious brainwashing because I had to endure it from age 5 to age 14. It's a fine art made perfect thanks to several centuries of practice.

What motivated me to write this post is I recently read something by a pro-science person who wrote "There is nothing wrong with being a person of faith but this perspective does not belong in the science classroom."

It's disgusting that someone who should know better would suck up to Christian idiots and dishonestly say "There's nothing wrong with faith." My reply was "That's like saying there's nothing wrong with being a superstitious moron. There's plenty wrong with it. Faith has given the world terrorism and the burning stupidity found in Ben Hester's anti-science nonsense. I can't imagine anything more worthless and dangerous than faith.".

The reason the word faith is so important for religious brainwashing is every religious fantasy requires faith. Of course these childish ideas require faith because there could never be evidence for supernatural magic.

What Christians (and their Muslim terrorist friends) need to understand is being a gullible idiot is not a virtue. Everyone should demand evidence for every idea. If there's no evidence or if the evidence is weak that doesn't mean you should have faith in that idea. It means you should throw the idea out, even if it means throwing out something you wish was true. Wishful thinking does not make bullshit real. Therefore every religious fantasy from heaven to the magic god fairy must be thrown out.

Gullible Christians make excuses for their faith. For example they invoke witnesses for the disgusting resurrection of the dead Jeebus into a zombie. These ridiculous impossible ideas require fantastic evidence, and there's nothing fantastic about gullible dead witnesses.

Wimpy suck-up atheists tell Christians "your faith is perfectly OK as long as you don't have to throw out all of science." These fake worthless atheists have my complete contempt. What do these morons expect to accomplish by being dishonest? These wimps are part of terrorism problem and they should be ashamed of themselves.


  1. Exactly. Faith is a vice, not a virtue. To paraphrase Sam Harris, no religious idiot would automatically believe you if you told him that his wife was cheating on him, or if you said that yogurt could make you invisible. Yet the same idiot believes all the fantastical bullshit in that ancient book. It makes no sense.

    For me, the reasons not to believe in god require some thought. But the reasons not to believe in the organized religions require zero thought. My first response is ... WHY believe it? Because so many other idiots do? Because it's written on some old toilet paper scrolls?

    Of course religious assholes claim to have faith. But when you press them, they always claim they "feel" god or have had some other personal experience. Well, assholes, if that were true, it wouldn't be pure faith, it would be evidence. Not good evidence, but better than empty "faith". They aren't even smart or courageous enough to stick to their "faith" argument.

  2. Joe G, on this and on another post you have shown beyond any doubt that you're unusually retarded, and of course it's obvious you're an asshole.

    One more comment from you and ALL of your comments will be vaporized. I only allow humans to write comments here.

  3. Gees I wish I'd seen Joe G's comment! Faith is as vacuuous as belief. They are both empty vessels, used by the deluded as an excuse for why their belief system(s) need no further explanation. Religiots place much importance on both and act at times like both are actually relevent and of some importance. I 'spose when you're expousing the nonsense of religion which has extremely shaky foundations, faith and belief are about all it offers.


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