Monday, October 10, 2011

Do you want to know whether or not evolution is true, but you're too lazy to study the evidence or you're too stupid to understand the evidence?

Christians have a lot of problems. For example they're lazy and they're stupid.

Their laziness and stupidity can be a big problem if and when they want to make decisions about the truth of scientific facts like evolution.

Actually they already made their decision. Anything that conflicts with the childish bullshit in Genesis is wrong. Period. No need to study any scientific evidence because the magic god fairy is always right, and the magic god fairy wrote Genesis.

But just in case you're a Christian who is willing to question the bullshit called magical creationism but you're too stupid to understand evidence or too lazy to study it, this post is for you.

You should never have to trust anyone to accept the science of evolution because the evidence should be enough to convince any sane person. But if you're a lazy idiot you might have to decide who to trust. Do you trust your Baptist preacher who knows nothing about science or do you trust the National Academy of Sciences?

At the bottom of this post is some information from wikipedia about the National Academy of Sciences. Please notice that 200 members have won a Nobel Prize. These are the best scientists in the world. Do you know any Baptist preachers who have won a Nobel Prize? I didn't think so.

So what does the National Academy of Sciences say about evolution? They say a lot including this stuff:

But today there is no scientific doubt about the close evolutionary relationships between humans and all other primates. Using the same scientific methods and tools that have been employed to study the evolution of other species, researchers have compiled a large and increasing number of fossil discoveries and compelling new molecular evidence that clearly indicate that the same forces responsible for the evolution of all other life forms on Earth account for the biological evolution of human characteristics.


Based on the strength of evidence from DNA comparisons, the common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees lived approximately 6 to 7 million years ago in Africa. The evolutionary tree leading from this ancestral species to modern humans contains a number of side branches, representing populations and species that eventually went extinct. At various times in the past, the planet appears to have been populated by several human-like species.


Please see Some quotes from the National Academy of Sciences for the rest of it.

You also might want to read Evolution deniers trust the results from paternity testing in humans. The same method is used to determine evolutionary relationships.

Now that you know what the best and most experienced scientists in the world say about evolution (they call it a basic scientific fact), what about your Alabama preacher who says the world's scientists are wrong about science?

Preacher Man: If something looks complicated then god magically created it out of nothing.

OK Christian tard, what's your decision? Since you're too lazy to study scientific evidence and since you're too stupid to understand anything, you're going to have to decide who to trust, the science deniers or the scientists.

Since you're a Christian you're a coward so you're probably going to go with whatever makes you feel good, whether or not it has anything to do with reality. Most likely you will choose to trust the breathtaking stupidity of your preacher man because the heaven fantasy he preaches is exactly what a gullible coward like you needs to keep from becoming even more mentally disturbed than you already are. Since evolution, also known as reality, kills the heaven fantasy, you're going to have to trust your worthless preacher so you can continue to hide in the Dark Ages.


As of spring 2009, the National Academy of Sciences included about 2,100 members and 380 foreign associates.[4] It employed about 1,100 staff in 2005.[5] The current members annually elect new members for life. Election to membership is one of the highest honors that can be accorded to a scientist and recognizes scientists who have made distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. Nearly 200 members have won a Nobel Prize.[4]


  1. "Do you know any Baptist preachers who have won a Nobel Prize?"

    Martin Luther King. But of course his wasn't for any sort of scientific achievement.

    I'm beginning to think that "believers" can't help themselves. Perhaps they're victims of evolution: maybe there's a gene for gullibility, and since the gullible hordes are the most likely to procreate in large numabers, the gene continues to propagate. I can't think of a more plausible explanation.


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