Saturday, July 7, 2012

What are the odds?

We Americans have a choice to make this November. We either reelect liberal loon Obama, or we throw our president out.

This is a strange campaign. Our president managed to piss off a few million Americans with his "I can tell you how to spend your money and if you don't like that I'm going to raise your taxes" also known as the ObamaCare mandate. But guess where he got his freedom-hating mandate idea? His Republican opponent, Mr. Mitt Romney. ObamaCare is virtually identical to the RomneyCare of Massachusetts. RomneyCare even has a mandate. In Massachusetts citizens must buy health insurance or else they have to pay more taxes. Why? Because like President Obama, Romney is a fucking asshole. What else could I call someone who thinks there's nothing wrong with stealing money from millions of taxpayers?

Now Romney is saying mandates are bad. OK, that's fine with me, but it's really too bad that now Obama can laugh at him because he is opposing the exact same thing he forced on the people of Massachusetts.

What are the odds? How likely is it the Republican candidate for president had the exact same stupid idea Obama used for health insurance?

Obama will probably win the election but he could have had a much easier time at it if he could have figured out a way to make his ObamaCare work without throwing out our freedom to not buy what we don't want and don't need.

For example we have Medicare for old people. These old people, if they want to, can refuse to sign up for Medicare without paying a penalty. However if much later they decide they want Medicare they would have to pay a much higher premium for it. So they have an incentive to sign up for it at age 65, but they don't have to do that. This is fair and it's a lot better than forcing old people who don't want anything to do with government insurance to buy it anyway.

Instead asshole Obama is trying to force everyone, even young extremely healthy people, to subsidize slobs who drink, smoke, eat lots of candy and cake, and never exercise. Fuck off Obama.

Obama has other problems. What's the worst possible thing a President of the United States can say when there's massive unemployment? President Obama said it. He said "Let's raise taxes on the successful people who do most of the hiring in this country." So then what happens? The filthy rich notice their president wants to steal their money. They of course stop hiring, and they might even fire some people so they are able to pay those higher taxes. Fuck off Obama.

Meanwhile the only possible alternative to Obama, Mitt Romney, is doing everything he possibly can to lose the election. To accommodate the Christian retards who infest the Republican Party Romney has promised to make abortion illegal. Mr. Romney, if you don't like abortions, then don't get an abortion. Instead Romney wants to remove this women's right, so millions of women now hate him. They might not like abortions either, but they have no respect for assholes who stick their noses into their private lives.

It gets worse. To suck up to the idiots of the Republican Party, Romney has promised to get tough on illegal immigration. So now virtually all of our Hispanic population hates Romney. Way to go Romney.

Our president has the women vote, the Hispanic vote, the African American vote, and of course the liberal loons (who are as retarded as America's creationists) are voting for Obama.

The only thing going for Romney is the obvious fact that Obama is incompetent. Recent job data shows that our economy is getting worse, not better. To solve this problem our president offers nothing but excuses.

I know this will sound terrible but I'm hoping for the economy to crash again before November to help Romney get elected. Anything to get rid of the asshole who wants to force me to buy something I don't want and don't need.


I found this comment at a news website:

In order for there to be any meaningful job creation we need a healthy and optimistic private sector that is willing to invest and hire. That will never happen as long as we have an anti-capitalist administration that is unfriendly to business and creates an economic atmosphere of uncertainty and anxiety. A vote for Obama is a vote for 4 more years of economic stagnation.

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