Sunday, October 9, 2011

The god fantasy and the idiots who believe in it.

god: (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) The creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being

Imagine a person who has lived on a remote island her entire life, and somehow she had never before heard of the god fairy fantasy. One day she leaves the island and travels to an idiot country, for example America. She sees lots of amazing stuff, but there's one thing that surprises the heck out of her. It's a Christian she meets who asks her if she believes in god.

Visitor from a remote island: What's a god?

Christian tard: It's a supreme being that has used its unlimited magical powers to create stuff out of nothing, like for example the entire universe and the creatures on this planet.

Visitor from a remote island: That's bullshit. Why would you ask if I believed that?

Christian tard: Because here in America virtually all of us believe it, except for about ten percent of the population.

Visitor from a remote island: Why do you think this thing has magical powers? That's ridiculous. And how could that many people be so nuts?

Christian tard: It's not a thing. It's God, God with a capital G. It loves us so much it will send us to heaven if we believe in it and worship it.

Visitor from a remote island: What's a heaven?

Christian tard: A happy magical place where God magically sends us after we drop dead, but only if worship it, otherwise God will send us to another magical place where we are tortured for externity.

Visitor from a remote island: You're out of your fucking mind. There's really other people like you?

Christian tard: There's millions of us and it's in your best interest to join us in church to worship God.

Visitor from a remote island: Is that what you call your insane asylums, a church?

Christian tard: Here in America it's not considered insane to believe in a god with unlimited magical powers.

Visitor from a remote island: It's in my best interest to go back to my remote island where everyone is normal.


My point is if a person never before heard of the Christian bullshit she could never have imagined it. The whole thing is beyond ridiculous. It's fair to say virtually all of America is an insane asylum full of incurable idiots.

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