Sunday, April 29, 2012

If Genesis is bullshit then the entire Bible is bullshit. If the entire Bible is bullshit, then every branch of the Christian death cult is bullshit. If Christianity is bullshit, then the world's gullible Christians need to grow up and throw it out.

"If anything is absolutely, rock-bottom true, it’s that life evolved, beginning about 4 billion years ago, and that the creation myth of Genesis is completely wrong."

The quote is from Jerry Coyne's blog. Jerry Coyne is a biologist at the University of Chicago. He wrote a book which everyone in the world has to read if they want to call themselves educated. Stolen quotes from Mr. Coyne's book can be found here.

In this blog I criticize all religions but I usually attack Christianity because it's the majority religious cult where I live (the United States of Jeebus).

After I finish completely eradicating Jeebus fantasies from America I will then work on eradicating other cults like Islam (the world's largest terrorist organization) and Judaism (the magic fairy's chosen assholes).

It should be easy to get rid of Christianity because it's so obviously the most ridiculous invention of the human race. For example the most important fantasy of Christianity is the disgusting idea that a human god, after being executed (he probably had it coming), and after he had been decomposing for 3 days, somehow was able to magically become a zombie. I have nothing against zombies. My favorite TV show is called the Walking Dead, but I know zombies are not real. Even children should be able to figure that out. Dead animals stay dead whether or not they pretend to be a god.

Christianity also depends on the Bible. If any myth of Christianity is real, then at least some of the Bible has to be true. But why bother pretending the Bible has any value when every educated person knows the first chapter is 100% pure idiotic bullshit, no matter how it's translated.

Most Christians solve this problem by denying the 19th century science that makes Genesis even more ridiculous than it always has been. If a religion completely depends on denying basic scientific facts how long can that cult last?

The 19th century science I'm talking about is of course Darwin's idea that all life evolved from a common ancestor thanks to a non-random mechanism called natural selection. Evolution works. 21st century biologists know it works because the evidence is so massive and so powerful that only the most deranged fucking idiots could deny it.

Other Christians (who think they are sophisticated but really they're cowardly idiots) pretend they accept evolution but are they really accepting it if they stick their dead Jeebus in there somewhere? These sophisticated morons are not accepting evolution if they pollute evolution with their supernatural fantasies. You Christian tards have to accept evolution as the completely natural process it is. Every natural process does not need a god to invent, use, or guide it. If you call yourself a theistic evolutionist you're really an evolution denier because there's nothing theistic about any branch of science.

That's it Christians. I shouldn't have to write anything more about it. Your magic Jeebus man was an uneducated moron, your death cult is bullshit, and you need to grow up and throw it out. If you're too cowardly to throw out your bullshit, then we (myself and all other rational people who are not wimpy suck-ups) are going to have to relentlessly ridicule you for the rest of your worthless pathetic lives.

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