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Amateur idiots invoke professional idiots to justify their idiocy.

One of my hobbies is looking for idiots to ridicule. I noticed idiots are very easy to find in idiot-infested Idiot America.

There are many kinds of idiots. The idiots I'm interested in are American Christian science deniers who go way out of their way to know nothing about the science they are denying. Our Christian idiots also go way out of their way to disgrace my country. Thanks to American Christian idiots we have entire states that have become an international laughing stock. There is for example Louisiana and Tennessee where legislation has been passed that make it possible for hundreds or thousands of incompetent biology teachers to lie to their students about the foundation of biology.

Visitors from normal countries (anywhere except Idiot America) might be interested to know that here in the United States of Jeebus it's not really necessary for our science teachers to know anything about science. Our biology teachers can be biology deniers and there's no problem with that whatsoever. The victims of these idiot teachers (the students) never complain about getting stuck with a moron science teacher. They only complain when an excellent biology teacher has the nerve to teach the foundation of biology (evolution) in their biology classrooms. Then our idiot students have been known to cry like babies. Really. American students really are that mentally disturbed.

A quote from The Greatest Show on Earth, the Evidence for Evolution by Richard Dawkins:

In October 2008 a group of about sixty American high-school teachers met at the Center for Science Education of Emory University, in Atlanta. Some of the horror stories they had to tell deserve wide attention. One teacher reported that students 'burst into tears' when told they would be studying evolution. Another teacher described how students repeatedly screamed 'No!' when he began talking about evolution in class. Another reported that pupils demanded to know why they had to learn about evolution, given that it was 'only a theory'. Yet another teacher described how 'churches train students to come to school with specific questions to ask to sabotage my lessons'.

Can you imagine being a biology teacher and the students start crying when you teach them the subject that you are suppose to be teaching. I'm not sure what I would do, but I think I would tell these brainwashed idiots to grow up or get out of my classroom.

Why are there millions of idiots in Idiot America? Part of the problem is there is a huge industry in Idiot America that is totally devoted to making sure Americans are as stupid as they can possibly be. I'm talking about our professional liars for the magic Jeebus man. They work for anti-science organizations like for example the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute. Many amateur idiots depend on these professional idiots to help them defend their magical fantasy world. When I find these imbeciles on the internet they often invoke their favorite professional asshole. They copy and paste professional bullshit to justify their denial of basic scientific facts like evolution.

I tell these drooling morons they are never going to learn anything if they get all their information from professional retards, but they don't care. Christians don't want to learn anything. They think their stupidity is a virtue. Whatever pleases Jeebus is the only thing they care about.

What this country needs to do to get out of the idiocy hole it has dug for itself is start firing bad teachers. Polls show that about 72% of high school biology teachers in America need to be fired immediately. These are the teachers who either ignore the evolution lessons or they spread lies about evolution. Some of these asshole teachers illegally teach their magical creationism fantasy, or if they work in Louisiana or Tennessee they legally teach supernatural magic instead of science.

The stupid, it burns.


Another professional asshole organization is called Answers in Genesis. The scum who work at this bullshit website are no less insane than the Discovery Institute subhumans but unlike the Christian Discovery Institute the Answers in Genesis imbeciles are at least honest about their fantasies. For example they don't dishonestly call their god-did-it bullshit "intelligent design" which are code words invented by the fucking assholes of the Discovery Institute.

A young lady who was born into an idiot family wrote at PZ's blog that she “read everything Ken Ham wrote” which would have made my head explode. Ken Ham (he owns Answers in Stupidity) is a professional child abuser. His career is destroying the minds of innocent children. If it was up to me Mr. Ham would be tortured for several days before throwing him into a pit full of hungry rats. And even that would be way too nice for what this worthless piece of shit has done to children. (If I wrote this at PZ's blog a hundred liberal loons would start crying like babies.)

What was amazing about the young lady is she is now an atheist (AKA normal person) despite the brainwashing she endured. These people are rare but they have what it takes to throw out the insanity. All they need is to be exposed to people who haven't been abused like she was. Her interesting story is at


A good example of Ken Ham's insanity (and the insanity of the fucking idiots who trust him) is at Thank you for the clarification, Ken Ham!. Mr. Ham invoked his Bible ten times to explain why the magic Jeebus man was not a zombie. I wrote this reply to another comment there:

humanape says:
Hmm. And all of Ham’s evidence comes from a single old book. No corroboration at all. Seems weak to me!
The Bible thumping is good enough evidence for Ken Ham’s customers. At a Pentecostal church I visited when the preacher man invoked the Bible (about once a minute) the congregation would say Hallelujah and The Word. Their Bible is sacred, written by the magical master of the entire universe. There couldn’t possibly be more stronger evidence, which might explain the out of control creationism disease in Idiot America.


I wrote about my experience at a Pentecostal church at I got invited to go to a Pentecostal church and at The incurable disease.


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