Saturday, October 29, 2011

A young woman in a room full of theist idiots called everyone there an idiot.

Is it rude to call an idiot an "idiot"?


Should normal people call idiots "idiots" anyway?

If they're religious idiots then most definitely yes, it would be immoral to not call these idiots "idiots". It would be immoral to be quiet about the idiocy of theist idiots because all of these idiots are responsible for the world's out of control religious stupidity and religious violence.

The young woman in this video called religious idiots "idiots" because those idiots were talking about their cowardly idiotic belief in a magical heaven, the childish fantasy that makes terrorism possible.

Their reaction showed beyond any doubt the young lady was correct. The religious scum she was insulting really were idiots.

If you're a religious idiot, get used to the ridicule. There's no excuse for your childish cowardly fantasies, especially not after the 9/11/2001 religious atrocities your idiotic fantasies made possible.

Atheist Calls Religious People 'Idiots' On British Debate Show


The young lady in the video, Kate Smurthwaite, has a blog.



The link to the video came from Sandwalk which I highly recommend. This blog is owned by a University of Toronto scientist. His posts include some excellent information about science and his criticism of anti-science religious idiots.

An example is The "Intelligent Design" Version of Creationism where he wrote a comment to respond to a creationist idiot.
Larry Moran said...

Joe Jenson says,

You're good at hurling insults, and picking holes in lightweight ID positions, but until you actually address the strong evidence against random evolution, they will always be there.
Papers like the following:
Or the argument in Behe's "edge of evolution". These are strong evidence for the limitations of evolution, with on condescension.

So many IDiots, so little time.

You're right, I haven't refuted all of the stupid things that the IDiots have said over the years. But others have done a good job on covering the topics I've missed.

Do you honestly believe that Behe, Gauger, and Axe have discovered that evolution by fixation of random mutations is impossible? Do you honestly believe that after 100 years of massive amounts of research on genetics and population genetics nobody noticed that evolution was impossible?

You must be expecting a Nobel Prize any year now for for those amazing IDiots, right? Or are you going to tell me about some massive conspiracy of scientists to prevent the truth from coming out?

Think about it for a minute. Even if you know nothing about genetics and biochemistry you'll have to wonder why Behe's book didn't have an impact on the scientific community. Neither did any of the papers by Douglas Axe. Is it because all scientists are really, really, stupid or is it because the IDiots are wrong?

What's the most reasonable explanation?


In his blog Sandwalk Larry Moran asked a good question -- Is it because all scientists are really, really, stupid or is it because the IDiots are wrong?

IDiots of course means intelligent design idiots, also known as creationist idiots.

All science deniers should be asked this question. Is every biologist in the world stupid or is every Christian in the world stupid?

Christians have no evidence for their magical intelligent design creationism fantasy and virtually all of them know nothing about biology. Biologists have an incredibly massive amount of evidence for evolution and of course biologists understand biology better than anyone. Do you Christian scum want to deny this obvious truth?

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