Saturday, July 30, 2011

Every human ape has the moral responsibility to do everything possible to save species threatened with extinction.

Centuries ago, sea turtles roamed our oceans by the millions. In the last 100 years their numbers have been greatly reduced. All seven species of sea turtles are in danger of extinction.

The evolution of the modern human ape species was a disaster for the planet earth and the creatures who live here.

I live near the east coast of south Florida. I have met biologists who are working hard to protect our sea turtles from human assholes (also known as Christians).

I unfortunately have experience saving baby sea turtles from certain death because of a malfunctioning light in a condo building. The light had a motion sensor that was suppose to turn the beach-side light on for only one minute when a resident was walking a dog at night. Instead the light stayed on permanently, causing one hundred baby turtles to walk to the condo light instead of the moon over the ocean. The problem was not my fault because if it was up to me that light would have been disconnected during turtle season (May thru October). We had to carry several baby sea turtles to the ocean. I hope we saved all of them but I doubt it.

The experience taught me to gently pick up the baby turtles with finger and thumb on both sides of the shell, then take the creature to the edge of the ocean, point it towards the water, and place it close enough to the water so that the next wave sucks it in to the sea.

According to the biologists I talked to, in addition to unnecessary lights another problem (again thanks to human idiots) is tourists (or residents who should know better) who get too close to a giant sea turtle when she leaves the ocean to lay her eggs in the sand. They frighten the mother and she returns to the ocean, lays her eggs in the water, and the world has just lost 100 baby turtles thanks to the worthless human race.

If you live on the east coast in south Florida, or if you plan to take a vacation here between May and October, you need to do the following (I'm talking to you, Mr. and Ms. Christian retard).

There must be a complete blackout on the east side of your condo or hotel at the beach. That means thick curtains if you're going to have your lights on at night. And that means absolutely no outside lights on, not even for one minute, on the east side of your building.

On the beach you will notice small areas that have been marked with stakes and ribbons. That means there's a turtle nest under the sand there, and you must never disturb it.

If you have the good luck of seeing a huge turtle leave the ocean to lay her eggs, you need to keep an extremely huge distance from that future mother, or else you will be responsible for the murder of 100 priceless endangered turtles, and for that the penalty should be torture and execution.

If all 100 baby turtles make it successfully to the sea, their chances of surviving long enough to reproduce are very slim. Hopefully at least one of them lives a long time.

Please take your vacation here. We need your money. But if you do anything to harm our sea turtles, you will be sorry for it if I catch you.

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