Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you believe in a god you're a mentally disturbed moron.

At Are All Religions Equally Crazy? a normal person (atheist) wrote "First, just to be very clear: I'm not saying all religious believers are crazy. I'm saying religious beliefs are crazy. I'm criticizing the ideas, not the people."

She was being way too nice. If people believe in a magic god fairy (all theists) or if people refuse to rule out the possibility there's a magic god fairy (all agnostics), those people are batshit crazy, no matter how moderate they think they are. There's nothing moderate about believing in magic. There's nothing moderate about saying "We can't be certain there's no magic." If you believe in magic, also known as god, or pretend magic is possible, you're an idiot, as insane as the fundamentalists (Bible thumpers and terrorists).

Since 9/11/2001 (and with today's out-of-control Christian war against science education) it has been immoral to be nice about it. If you believe in a god you are mentally ill, you are scum, and you should be ashamed of yourself. You should get psychiatric help or do something to learn how to stop being part of the problem.


  1. Right on!

    And I would just say that "batshit crazy" is even too nice a term for these morons.

    I like your line "immoral to be nice about it" in reference to these imbeciles.

    It is my personal hope that someday in a court of law that religious organizations will be held financially responsible for causing bona

    fide mental illness to the masses. I hope that someday law suits will eventually deplete all religions of their finances. The case which

    has not yet been introduced but in my mind is only a matter of time is the case that: "RELIGION CAUSES MENTAL ILLNESS".

    I don't know that a case would ever be won in this society where it would be argued that all people that believe in religion are mentally

    ill (even though it's true), but it could be proven that religion causes mental illness.

    When a child is told to believe things that go against reason and human experience, such as; people dying and coming back to life, walking

    on water, parting seas, someone being born to a virgin, people turning to stone, a creator who made everything and who knows everything

    that you do and think, etc... This is all damaging to the young psyche. To make no mention of the very concept of "sin" and all that that

    implies i.e.(eternal misery for non-compliance), and quite possibly the most hurtful and psychologically damaging thing of all.. the child

    that fears in his/her mind that if they or their parents don't "believe" and or don't "live up" to their god that this could cause the

    child to be separated from their parents for eternity.

    This is child abuse, period. There is no other word for it. It's despicable and should repulse any thinking and caring adult. And if it

    doesn't, they're as sick as the child. And so the cycle goes... And if that's not bad enough, the conflict in the child’s mind, I

    personally think, has the potential to cause all sorts of clinically defined forms of mental illness.

    I really hate religion... uhhh, don't get me started.

  2. Wow epii10. Great comments. Thanks.

    Of course you're right. Religious indoctrination is child abuse, and you explained why it's child abuse perfectly.

  3. Hi Human Ape,

    Frustrating as f**king shit isn't it?!!!
    Keep screaming, and I will too. :)



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