Saturday, June 11, 2011

It should be illegal for Christian assholes in state legislatures and state school boards to make decisions about science curriculums.

It's not fair to America's students to let uneducated morons (also known as Christian assholes) make decisions about public school science curriculums and science textbooks. America needs a federal law that allows only scientists and science teachers to make these decisions.

Am I asking for too much? Is it unreasonable to allow only science experts to make decisions about science education? Or should we continue to let superstitious assholes who belong to anti-science cults (Christianity) to decide what America's students learn about science in our public schools?

What motivated me to write this post is this video where a scientist tries to defend science education in Texas and a fat-faced Christian airhead of the Texas State Board of Education asks the scientist questions designed to find an excuse for her to dumb down science education to accommodate her dead Jeebus.

I wrote the following comment for the YouTube video: Dunbar is an uneducated moron and an enemy of America. She should live a theocracy like Iran where scum like her would be welcome.

For more information about the Christian scum of Texas and how they are trying to destroy science education to defend their idiotic death cult, please see Christians are stupid assholes, and I can't stress the words "stupid" and "assholes" strongly enough.

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