Thursday, June 2, 2011

"No other group of educators in the developed world has to contend with superiors who demand deference to anti-scientific fundamentalist religion."

The quote is from Susan Jacoby who wrote this Washington Post article:

It's an extremely important must-read article about a terrible problem with the majority of American biology teachers. They're incompetent and/or cowards and they need to be fired.

A good place to start would be to fire all Christian biology teachers. Then fire all the other idiots who know nothing about the subject they're teaching.

Then perhaps give the competent but cowardly biology teachers a chance to grow up and not let themselves be intimidated by Christian assholes. Of course that's easy for me to say because I don't have to deal with the cowardly Christian thugs who threaten science teachers. But if you're going to teach biology then you should have the courage to do your job properly, no matter what the consequences.

Biology teachers have the United States constitution and the entire scientific community on their side. Unfortunately very often the school administration is against them, either because they are also being intimidated by Christian assholes, or they themselves are Christian assholes. The best solution is to fire all Christians from all public schools because it's immoral to let Christians retards anywhere near children.

This problem is personal for me because I graduated from one of the best high schools in the United States and my biology teacher never once mentioned evolution. I was cheated and today, 46 years later, millions of American students are still being cheated because their science teachers are worse than useless.

By the way, America does have some extremely competent biology teachers who have successfully solved the Christian asshole problem. They make the foundation of biology (evolution) part of every lesson. Unfortunately they are only 28% of America's biology teachers which means 72% of students are not learning anything about the most important basic fact of science (evolution).

I wrote the following comment at the Washington Post website:

"It would be wrong to place the blame solely on these teachers, because no other group of educators in the developed world has to contend with superiors who demand deference to anti-scientific fundamentalist religion."

This is why the USA is called Idiot America. We are the only advanced country infested with cowardly Christian morons who harass and intimidate biology teachers. The only possible way to permanently end the Christian war against science education is to completely eradicate the Christian death cult.


I wrote a 2nd comment at the Washington Post website after a Christian retard wrote "Subjects should be taught and examined with a 360 degree global outlook. In other words, all sides of an issue should be presented. Since 85% of American's believe in creation, it needs to be addressed in the classroom, whether it be in a science classroom or any other subject. Much science is basically based on theories--not all is totally proven. Therefore in order to teach critical thinking, students need to be able to speculate and draw their conclusions from careful analysis, looking at all sides of an issue. Stop hidding one part of an issue to please your personal agenda. That's like keeping a key ingredient out of a recipe. It ruins the the whole pie." Notice the Christian asshole doesn't know what a scientific theory is.

voigana, did you bother to read the article? You are telling biology teachers to teach your childish religious belief in magical creationism. You want science teachers to teach magic so that "all sides of an issue is presented".

One problem you have is there is NO issue. Evolution has been an established truth for more than a century. Your idiotic Christian fantasies are not scientific, they're bloody stupid, and they're a waste of time to talk about, especially in a science classroom.

I often wonder why you know-nothing Christians (AKA uneducated morons) think you're qualified to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs.

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