Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It makes no sense to expect a Christian who believes in a magical heaven to accept evolution.

The only correct way to convince a Christian to accept evolution (without sticking Jeebus in there somewhere) is to first convince the idiot to throw out the Christian death cult.

My point is if a Christian accepts evolution, even if he or she accepts evolution without supernatural magic as one of its mechanisms, that Christian is still a science denier because his Christian beliefs are anti-science fantasies, including the heaven and god myths.

Also, if evolution is true then heaven is bullshit. Even if a god with unlimited magical powers was real, why would it give special treatment to human apes and not chimpanzee apes? Since even the most insane fundamentalist doesn't believe in a heaven for chimps why should anyone believe in a heaven for the chimpanzee's closest cousins, us humans.

In a letter to the editor at the New York Times a Harvard biologist explained why if Christians throw out magical creationism they should also throw out all other supernatural fantasies.


To the Editor:

Karl W. Giberson and Randall J. Stephens would prefer evangelicals to embrace secular knowledge and science. This seems a tall order. For example, evangelicals should reject the notion “that humans and dinosaurs lived together,” while presumably holding firm to the central Christian tenet that humans have a life after death.

The secular status of both propositions is the same: There is no evidence in favor of the idea, and it conflicts with everything science knows about the nature of human life. On what basis should someone reject one of these notions and embrace the other?

Unfortunately, the only theology that doesn’t require daily contortions and contradictions is what the Op-Ed writers describe as “little more than a quiet voice on the margins”: to reject all supernatural fairy tales and superstitions, whether they come from an ancient book or not.

Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 18, 2011

The writer is a professor of biology at Harvard.


The Harvard biologist was talking about a New York Times article by some Christian idiots who wrote "Americans have always trusted in God, and even today atheism is little more than a quiet voice on the margins."


Here's another letter to the editor at the New York Times which was written by a professional asshole who has made mentally abusing thousands of children his career.


To the Editor:

We found “The Evangelical Rejection of Reason,” by Karl W. Giberson and Randall J. Stephens (Op-Ed, Oct. 18), to be condescending. As evangelical Christians and creationists, we don’t reject science and reason. Scientific discovery can provide great benefits. In fact, we employ many scientists with Ph.D.’s at our Creation Museum.

Accepting the Bible as God’s literal truth doesn’t mean that we discount science. It does mean that we interpret scientific evidence from the biblical viewpoint. We evaluate the same evidence as evolutionists, but they interpret it from their viewpoint. Evidence isn’t labeled with dates and facts; we arrive at conclusions about the unobservable past based on our pre-existing beliefs. This exercise also involves reason.

We accept the writers as fellow Christians, but we totally reject the way they portrayed us.

Chief Communications Officer
Creation Museum
Petersburg, Ky., Oct. 20, 2011


It's interesting that this asshole wrote "As evangelical Christians and creationists, we don’t reject science and reason."

Translated that means:

As science deniers, we don’t reject science.

Of course that makes no sense but this bullshit is exactly what I would expect from an idiot who abuses children with anti-science fantasies.

Hey Christians, if you're a creationist you're a science denier. You can't honestly say in the same sentence that you believe in magical creationism and still don't reject science. Of course you don't understand because you pretend (or maybe you stupidity believe) evolution is not science which would be a big surprise to the world's biologists.


What Idiot America needs is a war against idiocy. For example the assholes who work for Kentucky's magical creationism museum should not be tolerated. Nobody would tolerate physical violence against children. Teaching magical creationism while spreading lies about evolutionary biology is mental violence and it's even worse than physical violence because the brain damage is often permanent. The victims are likely to remain stupid their entire lives.

By war I mean full scale war. No more tolerance of any religious stupidity, including the idiots who pretend they accept evolution while at the same time believing in a magical heaven which makes terrorism possible and which makes children cowardly idiots.

The religious stupidity must end. All theists and agnostics need to be ridiculed relentlessly and treated with total contempt.


The Evangelical Rejection of Reason

Can Science and Faith Exist Together?

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