Monday, January 17, 2011

One more time -- the religious implications of evolution

Here's some basic scientific facts. You Christians can deny these facts all you want but you will only prove you're uneducated morons.

People and chimps share an ancestor.

Chimpanzees are one of the modern ape species.

Humans are one of the modern ape species.

We evolved from the same ancient apes modern chimps developed from and we are still apes. We are usually called "people" or "humans" but we are still an ape species, which is a basic fact you can find in any encyclopedia.

Therefore your dead Jeebus was an ape. You Christians worship a dead ape.

Since modern human apes are the result of the exact same natural processes that developed cockroaches, and since your magic god fairy had absolutely nothing to do with evolution (including human evolution), it's ridiculous to pretend there's something special about the human ape species. For example, there's your cowardly idiotic belief in an existence after death, also known as heaven. Most certainly you don't believe in heaven for cockroaches. A heaven for human apes is an equally insane idea.

Since Jeebus was just an ape, and since heaven is just childish wishful thinking, your idiotic Christian death cult is dead. Good riddance.

Since evolution has made your god fairy totally unnecessary to explain the diversity of life, and since scientists have showed your god fairy is not necessary to explain the development of the first simple living cells (which all life evolved from) almost four billion years ago (there's still no consensus on which hypothesis is correct, but they have enough ideas and evidence to throw out the supernatural magic you lazy Christians invoke for everything), you can't invoke god to explain life at all. This means you have lost the most important hiding place for your god-of-the-gaps. Want to hide it somewhere else? Why bother when most certainly science will chase it out of that hiding place. Sorry Christians, but if you still insist on having a superstitious belief in a Master of the Universe in the 21st century, you're an idiot.

The most important religious implication of evolutionary biology (and every other branch of science): the magic god fairy hypothesis is not necessary to explain anything. God was a crazy idea even before the scientific progress of the last two centuries. It's even more crazy today.

There is no god and there never has been any god, because it's not necessary and because it's obviously just a childish idea for superstitious cowards.

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  1. I was helping my GF celebrate her daughter's 7th birthday the other day at Chuck E Cheese. During the run of the day CEC ran videos to help entertain the children, one was on apes and it mentioned how the orangutan nurtured their children for 7 years - making it the longest period for any apes to do so. Sheesh!


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