Saturday, January 8, 2011

Preacher man says evolution & scripture are incompatible. Instead of throwing out his worthless bible, he throws out all of science. What a surprise!

The asshole actually says a science museum in Chicago is guilty of blasphemy. How is this idiot any different from a Muslim terrorist who kills anyone who insults Mohammed? There's no difference at all. Bible thumpers and terrorists are equally insane.

The asshole even criticizes Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd president and author of our Declaration of Independence.

The retard gets one thing right. His Bible has to be thrown out if evolution is true.

Well guess what Mr. Holy Roller, evolution is a bloody fact, the strongest fact of science. If you're going to throw out evolution, you might as well throw out all of science, and if you do that, you have lost your right to live on this planet.

You can listen to the Moron-For-Jeebus thump his Bible here:

I left the following comments there, not that anyone will read them. The post is two years old.

Biologists have all the evidence. All Christians can do is invoke their Bible. They don't have any evidence. That's the difference. No evidence for magical creation. Tons of evidence for evolution.

He says "I know there was a fall." but he provides no evidence for this idea. He just says he knows it. Biologists, when they say they know something, they provide evidence.

He said while talking about "some Christians" "They have decided to place the teaching and opinions of man above the clear teachings of the Bible." Since when did scientific facts supported by massive scientific evidence become opinions?

He said "I happen to think the earth is relatively young." Here's another difference between scientists and preachers. Scientists don't "think" the earth is about 4,500,000,000 years old. They "know" it's about that old because there's a massive amount of evidence that shows the earth is that old. In fact, determining the age of the earth was one of the greatest accomplishments of the human race, and this preacher wants to throw out all that hard work because he "thinks" the earth is relatively young and of course he provides no evidence for this idea or any of his other ideas. Biologists work hard so they "know". This preacher who has never discovered anything just makes wild guesses.

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