Sunday, January 23, 2011

If Christians had any common sense, their death cult would go extinct today.

common sense: good sense and sound judgment in practical matters

Some things Christians could figure out if only they had some common sense:

Did Jeebus rise from the dead?

No. Zombies are not real.

Is the bullshit in the Bible true?

No. People write fiction today (for example the seven Harry Potter books) and they've been writing fiction since the ancient past. The miracles in the Bible were made up stories. It's all bullshit.

Is there a magical Master of the Universe, also known as God, Allah, Zeus, etc.?

No. Magic isn't real. There has never been and never will be any magic in the universe, and that's why supernatural magicians don't exist and never did exist.

Are the basic scientific facts of evolutionary biology true or is magical creationism true?

Let's walk thru this using some common sense.

1. The world's biologists love evolution. Why? Perhaps because they've been making countless predictions about it and 100% of those predictions have been spectacularly correct for more than a century.

2. There are millions of evidences for evolution and exactly zero evidences against evolution.

3. Magical creationism has the exact amount of evidence that should be expected for an idea only a gullible idiot could believe -- zero.

4. What has tons of evidence has to be true. What has zero evidence has to be false. Evolution is true. Magic is bullshit.

Some Christians accept evolution but virtually all of them stick a magician in there somewhere, as an inventor of evolution and/or a mechanism of evolution. They don't stick their magic fairy into any other branch of science. Why do they select only evolutionary biology for their god bullshit?

It's because according to Christianity, modern human apes are special, their god's favorite species, therefore the god fairy must have had something to do with their development. This concept is obviously just wishful thinking and wild guessing. It has no evidence therefore it's bullshit. Magic is not a mechanism of evolution. And evolution, like any other natural process, did not need a magical inventor.

How are you Christians doing so far? Do you have a better understanding of common sense yet? It's really too bad you don't have any of it.

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