Saturday, January 15, 2011

A god fairy cured a sick human ape and it gave credit for this magic trick to a dead pope. Millions of gullible morons believe this bullshit.

The Catholic religion industry still needs to invent one more magic trick to make the dead pope a saint.

This part made me laugh:

Last year, there were some questions about whether the nun's original diagnosis was correct. But in a statement Friday, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints said Vatican-appointed doctors had "scrupulously" studied the case and determined that her cure had no scientific explanation.

As if "Vatican-appointed doctors" are not going to go along with this bullshit to make some big money.

Dictionary definition of saint: Saints are individuals of exceptional holiness who are important in many religions, particularly Christianity.

Exceptional holiness = exceptional insanity.

Hello Catholics and other religious idiots. There has never in the entire history of the 13.7 billion year old universe ever been any magic tricks. Magic is not real, and calling magic a "miracle" doesn't make it any less childish. Please consider the advantages of growing up.

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  1. Coincidence & spontaneous remission are happy endings, not magical interventions. How does the pope explain these things when the person hasn't prayed to a fairy godmother?


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