If you look at the universe and study the universe, what you find is that there is no evidence that we need anything other than the laws of physics and the other laws of science to explain everything we see. There's absolutely no evidence that we need any supernatural hand of god. -- Lawrence Krauss, World-Renowned Physicist
There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms. -- Encyclopedia Britannica
FAITH. No one word personifies the absolute worst and most wicked properties of religion better than that. Faith is mind-rot. It’s the poison that destroys critical thinking, undermines evidence, and leads people into lives dedicated to absurdity. It’s a parasite regarded as a virtue. -- PZ Myers
Religion is the antithesis of science, an anesthetic for the mind that disables critical thought and encourages the acceptance of inanity as fact, and wishful thinking as evidence. -- PZ Myers

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Best place to play chess where everything is better and totally free with no ads. The free computer analysis of your games is fantastic. It's the best on the internet and it's totally free. https://lichess.org



Lichess Official Blog

Lichess (About this sound /'liː-tʃɛs/ [5]) is a free, non-profit Internet chess server. Its primary aim is to enable a free, "world-class" chess experience for anyone, anywhere. It does not require registration; anyone can play anonymously. All features are available for free, with the exception that one may earn an honorary badge of patron status through regular donations.[6][7][8]

MY COMMET: Only about 1% of lichess.org chess players are patrons but everyone is equal. The numerous excellent features are available to everyone for free (no ads, no begging for money, people have to go out of their way to find out how to be a patron).


The website allows users to play games of live and correspondence chess against other players at different time controls. It has training features, including chess basicstactics trainingchess coordinates and studies. It also enables avid chess players to arrange coaching services for themselves.
In addition to enabling blindfold chess,[9] the website supports the following chess variants:[10]
Lichess has features to assist visually impaired people to play chess on the website.[12] It also has a chess puzzle-based CAPTCHA system.[13]
Lichess enables streaming via twitch.tvhitbox.tv, and YouTube, and features many established players such as Grandmaster Eric Hansen, International Master Greg Shahade, International Master John Bartholomew, National Master ChessNetwork and many other online chess celebrities.
Users can also play games against the Stockfish chess engine at a number of difficulty levels. They may also analyze specific positions from standard chess or any of the supported chess variants, with the help of the following features:
  • Run Stockfish engine on local machine within the user's web browser for limited or infinite analysis,[14] which will calculate best lines of play or major opponent threats.
  • Promptly receive in-depth analysis from other users, which has been previously stored in Lichess cloud system.[15]
  • Consult opening books,[16] based on the entire game database from Lichess. In standard chess, users can switch to a Master's database created from 2 million FIDE games from titled masters and grandmasters. In AntiChess variant, users can switch for Mark Watkins's anti-chess solution database.[17]
  • Check Syzygy Endgame Tablebases for a perfect play when there are just 6 or less pieces on the board.
For registered players Lichess employs a rating system, and grants the ability to compete in tournaments, post in the forums, and request a server-side full game analysis for any finalized game. The ratings for standard chess are categorized into Ultrabullet, Bullet, Blitz or Classical, depending on the game's estimated total time (see chess time controls).
Based on a 40-move estimate, the game's total time e is calculated from the initial clock time t and the number of seconds i added to the clock after each move, as e = t + 2i/3. For example, a 15m + 15s game has the same total time as 25m since 15+(15*2/3) = 25.

Live Tournaments[edit]

lichess runs live tournaments both in standard chess and in variant chess, and at different time controls, with the slowest time control being 10 minutes per game. Where it differs from other online chess tournaments is they are run in an "arena" where a member can join and leave at any time (whilst not actually playing). For users who wish to take a "gamble" there is a "berserk" mode, which handicaps them by removing half their time (so if is played at a 5+0 time control, they only get 2.5 minutes to play all their moves). If they achieve a win (in 7 moves or more) or a draw (in 11 moves or more) they get an extra point. [18]
In order to join a tournament, there is a requirement for the user to have played a sufficient number of games (in the same time control or the same variant).

Policy against cheating and abusive behaviour[edit]

If a player has been caught cheating, usually by use of software assistance, but often by other means to achieve an artificial rating (e.g. deliberating losing games (sandbagging) to lower their rating) their account is marked with a label. They can still use the site but cannot compete in rated games and cannot join tournaments. [19]
Players who are abusive may similarly find they are silenced in the chat and forum facilities so that others cannot read what they type. This is a separate issue to players who cheat. One form of abuse, for example, is open accusations of cheating.

Mobile app[edit]

A Lichess mobile app is available for iOS and Android.[20]


Lichess was founded by Thibault Duplessis, a French programmer. The software running Lichess and the design are open source under the AGPL license.[21]
As of 31 March 2017, lichess.org had the global rank 2,427 at Alexa, with most of its visitors coming from the United States, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, and Iran.[1] Lichess is ranked second only to Chess.com as one of the most popular online chess servers in the world.[22]
On February 11, 2015, an official Lichess mobile app was released for Android devices.[23] An app for mobile devices running iOS was released on March 4, 2015.[24]


Being ad-free, Lichess relies on donated money to maintain over a dozen servers with over a hundred processor cores while paying programmers.[25]


MY COMMENT: Mr. Duplessis from Paris France is the creator of the fantastic Lichess.org. He is an atheist.

Thibault Duplessis

Benevolent dictator of lichess.org, a hippie communist chess server for drug fueled atheists.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Imagine the breathtaking stupidity required to write this god bullshit. Christians are totally retarded.

The issue is God's Holiness.  The message of the Bible is God is Holy - and we are not. The problem is Holiness annihilates unholiness when they come into contact which is why we are separated from God in this world - to give us time to see our need for Him and to tell Him we want to be with Him.  See my comments below for how to know there really is the God of the Bible.   
But God does want us to be with Him - so He sent Christ to change the spiritual physics so that we could be with Him if we want that also.  God won't force you to want to be with Him and you can't obligate God to take you (Book of Job).  It really is just asking Christ to take you in. God saves us because He loves us, not because we cause Him to owe us.   Please ask God to make Himself real to you and read the Gospel of John - see what happens.
The Magic Man loves us. No evidence provided. It's just the wishful thinking of feeble-minded cowards.

"Terrorism is not the sole domain of Islam, but it is overwhelmingly being carried out by those in the name of Islam. So when are we going to snap out of our slumber and realise that we have a real problem with one religion – Islam?"

Barcelona Terror: When Will We Wake Up To Islam?

Muslim scum, when they're not blowing themselves up, brainwash children (victims) to think Allah magically created the world's creatures, especially the human race, therefore we must throw out evolution. Christian scum share the same problem but at least they don't blow themselves up every day.

The link is an article that complains about the politically correct morons who suck up to Muslim assholes. These wimpy suck-ups are part of the religious violence problem.

http://thereligionofpeace.com has a very long list of the countless thousands of atrocities for Allah since September 11, 2001 when Muslim lunatics murdered 3,000 Americans in one day.

A cut and paste job from Australia. The strange creationist morons. Australia doesn't have this problem. The problem is Idiot America and the Muslim theocracies.

A curious thing about creationists. I try to study the minds of these strange people, who still, 150 years after Alfred Wallace, retain the primitive mindset of the eighteenth century when people thought that animal species, including the naked ape, had been created, each in its own place, by a finger-pointing white-bearded figure in the sky. It is as if we still had, living among us, people who believed in phlogiston, or humors, or the heart as the seat of emotions; a glimpse back into a distant past of primitive ideas about the world around us.

So I study them, much as a time traveler visiting the Dark Ages might, or a traveler to the deepest Amazon finding a previously uncontacted tribe.

And in the case of creationists, these strange throwbacks living still among us, I try to see the world through their eyes, wonder what strange shadows that imperfect organ is throwing on to the retina of these good simple people as they struggle to come to grips with the realities of several hundred years of scientific advances.

Here is one for you. What do creationists see when they look in the evolutionary mirror? What do they see when they look at Chimpanzee or Gorilla? Do they see both as just another mammal, like Cat or Dog, Kangaroo or Opossum, Platypus or Echidna? Do they not see the close resemblances to us in the face, the expressions, the hands and feet, the body, the behavior, the movement, the social groups, the young? Do they not say, well, my cousin is a hairy man, but he is still my cousin? Do they not say there but for the grace of Darwin go we? That these close cousins just traveled a different path from an obviously identical starting point?
And looking at the faces of their cousins, are they not inspired to investigate further, find that the resemblance is not just skin deep but extends through brain and skeleton and into the most fundamental unit of evolution the DNA?

I mean it is one thing to believe that the old silverback in the sky created beasts of burden and sheep and cattle, obviously different to, and, from an anthropocentric view, inferior to, humans, as part of his reward of dominion over all as long as you didn’t eat of the “tree of evolutionary knowledge” scheme. But the bronze age sheepherders typing out the Old Testament on a piece of goatskin didn’t know about the great apes, or even the monkeys, which did not live around what the desert nomads thought of as the centre of the universe but which we now call the Middle East, a kind of evolutionary backwater with barely enough species known to fill a boat.

If there had been a band of gorillas living by the Dead Sea, or a band of chimpanzees living on the Mount of Olives, do you think one of the sheepherders might have modified the relevant bit of his creation mythology to read, “And then Yahweh created the great apes, and he took a rib from a chimpanzee and it became the first human”?

With that kind of mythology, one of Darwin’s early ancestors, say living in Ancient Athens, might well have been inspired to discover the reality of evolution long before Alfred Wallace. And in that case, would the primitive members of the Texas School Board still be demanding that creationism be taught? How long does it take for the blindingly obvious to be accepted?

Sunday, August 20, 2017

This is interesting stuff. What happened 650 million years ago is the reason we exist today. A copy and paste job from BBC News.

BBC News: The algae that terraformed Earth

A planetary takeover by ocean-dwelling algae 650 million years ago was the kick that transformed life on Earth.
That's what geochemists argue in Nature this week, on the basis of invisibly small traces of biomolecules dug up from beneath the Australian desert.
The molecules mark an explosion in the quantity of algae in the oceans.
This in turn fuelled a change in the food web that allowed the first microscopic animals to evolve, the authors suggest. 
"This is one the most profound ecological and evolutionary transitions in Earth's history," lead researcher Jochen Brocks told the BBC's Science in Action programme.
The events took place a hundred million years before the so-called Cambrian Explosion, an eruption of complex life recorded in fossils around the world that puzzled Darwin and always hinted at some kind of biological prehistory. 
Scattered traces of those precursor multi-celled organisms have since been recognised, but the evolutionary driver that led to their rise has been much argued over.
Cambridge University palaeontologist Nick Butterfield has said the period "was arguably the most revolutionary in Earth history", and not just because of the rapid biological changes. There were violent swings in climate, too, that experts have long suspected are intertwined.
The context was a planet that previously had long had life-sustaining oceans and a benign climate. Yet, for over three billion years - since 3.8 billion years before present according to most estimates - all life was single-celled, mostly bacteria; little evolutionary innovation had happened. 
Algae, more complex than bacteria but still single-celled, had themselves had been around for over a billion years (the "boring billion" some palaeontologists call it), but without making much of an ecological impact.

Ediacaran fossilImage copyrightSPL
Image captionLarge, complex organisms appear in the fossil record from about 600 million years ago

With their DNA packed away safely inside a nucleus (so-called eukaryotes, like all animals and plants today), they had an evolutionary advantage over bacteria they seemed unable to exploit.
That changed about 650 million years ago, according to the new study.
There are no fossils of the algae. Instead, Brocks and his team at the Australian National University, have tracked down molecular remnants of their cell walls, molecules closely related to the cholesterol in our bodies, "the most stable thing of any organism - fat," Brocks quips. 
After every other trace of the cells had decayed, these fat molecules remained and were absorbed into sediments, and over geological time became cemented into the bedrock of Australia. To be drilled up and analysed hundreds of millions of years later.
"The signals that we find show that the algal population went up by a factor of a hundred to a thousand and the diversity went right up in one big bang, and never went back again," Brocks says.
This ecological flip happened just after one of the greatest environmental catastrophes the planet has ever seen - the "Snowball Earth" period when ice extended from pole to pole, and even at the equator temperatures could have plunged to minus 60 degrees. 
The episode ended after 50 million years, when the build-up of volcanic CO2 in the atmosphere created a supergreenhouse that melted the ice in a second cataclysm.
The connection, Brocks believes, is that glacial action ground up continental rocks, releasing the nutrient phosphate which was then washed into the oceans as the thaw progressed. 
Today's agricultural green revolution is dependent on phosphates dug up in giant mines around the world, and the pre-Cambrian biological revolution may have been powered the same way, the researchers believe.
"This rise in algae happens just around the time the first animals appeared on the scene," Brocks explains. "It was algae at the bottom of the food web that created this burst of energy and nutrients that allowed larger and more complex creatures to evolve."
Yale University's Noah Planavsky, whose study earlier this year [Nature link] revealed the phosphate nutrient outburst following the Snowball Earth, says the new revelations are "incredibly important".
"It gives the first evidence of ecosystems dominated by complex lifeforms - the eukaryotes," he told the BBC.
In a commentary also in Nature, Andrew Knoll of Harvard University, a world authority on pre-Cambrian life, says the new work makes "a substantial contribution" to revealing "the relationship between life and the surrounding physical environment" at a critical time in animal evolution.
"Food source changes might have helped to pave the way for the animal radiation," he agrees, though adding "key questions remain".
Getting the data was painstaking work, says MIT's Roger Summons, who has previously collaborated with Brocks. The nanogram traces of pre-Cambrian oil measured in the study had to be picked out from a fog of contamination made by fossil fuels. 
"I applaud Jochen's insight and his tenacity," Summons wrote in an e-mail. "The results show how fastidious attention to detail ultimately pays off."
However, he suggests the tale is not complete. Likewise, Cambridge University's Nick Butterfield, while accepting the data, disagrees with the interpretation. 
In fact, he thinks that Brocks has got cause and effect back to front; the explosion of algae did not drive the rise of animals, he says.
"There's no evidence for animal evolution being constrained by a shortage of food," he argued in an e-mail. 
Instead, he says, it was the rise of animals - sponges to be precise - that cleared the ecological path for algae. 
Brocks and Butterfield debated the interpretation in the corridors of the Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Paris this week, as others looked on.
Brocks remains unswayed - that the outburst of algae 650 million years ago "kicked off an escalating arms race" in which larger creatures, fuelled by their ocean-grazing, become prey to yet larger ones - until you end up with the complexity we see today.

Faith is the process of not thinking.

Darwin killed the ridiculous god fairy fantasy.

Darwin killed God. What's my evidence?

The millions of evolution deniers, aka fucktards, in Idiot America and the Muslim theocracies.

These morons want to throw out the established truth of evolution for religious reasons. They desperately need to believe their god/allah magically created the human ape species. Without this childish fantasy they know their god fairy never had anything to do therefore it couldn't be real.

I have more evidence. It's the Christians morons who pretend evolution is true but they always stick their Magic Jeebus Man into it, as if supernatural magic is a mechanism of evolution. That's bullshit. There is nothing theistic about biology or any other branch of science. The Magic Man is not required for anything.

Interesting fact: Evolution makes Muslim terrorists cry.

The stupid. It burns.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Trump.

President Trump is not too popular these days. He has numerous faults. But in my opinion the First Lady is fantastic.

Religious brainwashing is child abuse. It's legal but the child abusers belong in prison because they are causing incurable brain damage.

Every moronic religious cult ever invented requires brainwashing of children to avoid going extinct. If they wait until their victims are old enough to think for themselves, they would never buy the bullshit.

How to fix this problem?

One option would be hunting down and killing billions of religious morons. But that would be wrong.

Another idea is mandatory competent science education, especially evolution, starting at a very age, 1st Grade, age 6. This is the only way to prevent the brain damage.

In Idiot America where I live most of our biology teachers are incompetent. The students learn how to hate science because they think it's boring. These idiot teachers need to be fired but that never happens.

Perhaps there is no hope. Idiot America will always be infested with idiots.

Explain the diversity of life. "Duh, duh, the Magic Man did it, duh."

Friday, August 18, 2017

This is priceless. A conversation between a normal person and a Christian retard who makes a living teaching children how to be stupid. This is in Australia.


Christopher Hitchens describes religion perfectly. This is a must-see video, only 2 minutes long.

Hitchens - "Religion: A Celestial North Korea" 2 minute YouTube video.

I found an excellent anti-religion blog. It's much better than this blog. Also, unlike this blog, "roll to disbelieve" has visitors who write lots of comments.


Christian assholes are terrorists.

"You might rethink this when you are on you death bed about to face the judge that has the power to cast you into hell. Repent while you still have time."
Some friendly advice. When you threaten people with your loving god the only thing you accomplish is people think you're a terrorist which is exactly what you are.
Also please understand normal people, aka atheists, are not afraid of mythical magical beings like your loving god. We do not fear these childish fantasies because they're not real.
You are going to waste the rest of your worthless pathetic life being completely wrong about everything. Nobody cares. It's your problem. You can fix it but only if you realize how sick you are.



I found this interesting post at another blog which was about Christian threats:

Various Christian Threats, Deciphered and Decoded.


Obviously, the biggest and most potent threat at a Christian’s disposal is the threat of an eternity of being tortured forever and ever by demons. This threat didn’t originally appear in the Christian mythos; it was added much later, and it was added specifically to frighten people into line.
The terrible part about this threat is that it is devastatingly effective.
More than two thousand years later, Christians still use this threat willy-nilly. It’s their go-to threat, in fact. It’s used so often and so freely that sometimes the Christians using it don’t even realize that non-Christians view what they just said as a legitimate threat. They use it that  often because it is very effective against people who aren’t aware of its many shortcomings. About all that’s changed over the last couple of  millennia is the degree of graphic details added to the threat scenario.
Even years out of the religion, ex-Christians sometimes suffer from a fear of being tortured for eternity–thanks to the “loving” Christians around them who constantly deploy this threat.
The promise that Christians make to counter their threat of Hell is, obviously, that compliance with and adherence to their religious demands–a very earthly subservience masked by the Christianese phrase acceptance into one’s heart of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ–will allow their new victim access to Heaven instead of Hell.
In its turn, Heaven is, according to Christians, the most wonderful place in the universe though to non-Christians that description often doesn’t sound quite so accurate.
Indeed, Heaven doesn’t sound like such a great place to me either. There are so many problems with the notion that if there is such a place, it would have to be the most nonsensical place in the universe, not the nicest. Christians are positive that they will never get bored of feasting and praising Jesus for all eternity–but that short list comprises all we know of what people in Heaven would be doing, if it existed in reality. I can’t think of many things I even like doing for a solid day, these days, much less for an eternity! Further, what about the logistics of everyone having a big ole mansion in the sky and getting around on streets made of gold? The whole thing sounds like a pauper’s dream of a life of luxury, sort of like we see in the song “In the Big Rock Candy Mountains:”
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains you never change your socks
And the little streams of alcohol come trickling down the rocks
The brakemen have to tip their hats and the railway bulls are blind
There’s a lake of stew and of whiskey too
You can paddle all around it in a big canoe
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains
When your fantasies are not bounded by firm reality, then a promise can be as grand and as obviously compensatory as you please. In your dreams, you are free indeed. And Christians have just as much evidence for the existence of this boring, weird paradise as they do for their grotesque,  inhumanly monstrous vision of Hell.
Obviously, the main problem with this threat is that nobody’s ever discovered a good reason to buy into it. We don’t even have evidence of the supernatural, much less any evidence suggesting that some  part of human beings lives on past the death of our bodies. As far as we’ve ever been able to tell, dead is dead and there just isn’t any coming back from it or existing past it. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either exercising quite a lot of wishful thinking or trying to sell you something.

A fucktard for Jeebus wrote "No, evolution is NOT a basic scientific fact". The moron also wrote some other bullshit, for example he thinks evolution and the Big Bang are the same branch of science. The stupidity of these subhumans is overwhelming.

"No, evolution is NOT a basic scientific fact".
Actually evolution is the strongest fact of science supported by thousands of extremely powerful evidences from embryology, DNA sequencing, and several other branches of science.
If you want to educate yourself (which is not very likely. Evolution deniers deny the established truth of evolution because they go out of their way to know nothing.) I recommend read Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne. You won't be able to understand it but at least you would be trying to grow up and face facts if you read it.
Nobody cares. It's your wasted life. There are millions of people like you. We don't care. It's your problem. Biologists ignore you know-nothing people unless they're laughing at you.


The same asshole for the Magic Jeebus Man threatened someone else with eternal torture. The fucktard is a terrorist, a typical American bible thumping moron who fears his loving god.

The asshole wrote "You are treading on dangerous ground by ridiculing someone who believes in our Holy God. You won't like the Lake of Fire but you'll have a lot of company, and even Satan will be there. I will pray for you to come to know your Lord God. Forgiveness feels so good!"

The stupid. It burns.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Religion of Peace. August 17, 2017. 13 more victims murdered for Allah.

CAIRO (Reuters) - Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in which a van plowed into crowds in the Spanish city of Barcelona on Thursday, the group's Amaq news agency said.
"The perpetrators of the Barcelona attack are soldiers of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting coalition states," the agency said, referring to a United States-led coalition against the Sunni militant group.

UPDATE: There has been more Muslim violence in Spain. This place describes the problem perfectly: http://theatheistconservative.com/2017/08/18/the-terror-that-is-worse-than-terror/

Evolution makes Muslim morons cry.

The country Turkey: "Darwin's theory of evolution has been taken off academic curriculum because it contradicts teachings of Islam."


Another interesting fact: Evolution makes American Christians cry.

Wherever there are religious scum there is a denial of basic scientific facts like evolution.

Capitalism is the only economic system that works.

"Capitalism works well because it is in tune with our nature. Adam Smith called it “the natural order of liberty”. Everyone selfishly desires to provide for his needs. To pay for what he wants from others – services and goods – he has to provide something that others will pay him for. Millions do it, and the result is prosperity. Capitalism is an abstract machine most beautiful to behold in the wonder of its workings. When individuals have the incentive to achieve, acquire, and enjoy something for themselves, they’ll go to great lengths to afford it. They’ll compete with each other to provide what others want, toil to make it the better product, and set the price of it lower. The best is made available at the least cost. Everyone is both a taker and a giver, and everyone benefits. True, not everyone’s effort always succeeds, but nothing stops anyone from trying again."


This is where America's gullible Christian assholes (aka bible thumpers) get their fake moral values.

“The Bible may, indeed does, contain a warrant for trafficking in humans, for ethnic cleansing, for slavery, for bride-price, and for indiscriminate massacre, but we are not bound by any of it because it was put together by crude, uncultured human mammals.” 
― Christopher Hitchensgod is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

These days in some states people can go to a store and buy a marijuana edible. Back in the 1960's I never thought this was possible. I love the 21st century.

An idiot wrote "There is a god. He is the creator of the world and all living beings in it. That's a fact. He is loving, caring. He is almighty. Your opinion?"

"There is a god. He is the creator of the world and all living beings in it. That's a fact. He is loving, caring. He is almighty. Your opinion?" 

"There is a god" No evidence and it's not necessary for anything. 

"He is the creator of the world" 

Not true. Scientists understand in great detail how solar systems develop. God was not required for any of it. 

"and all living beings in it" 

Not true. Evolution by natural selection, a completely natural process, explains the diversity of life. 

"He is loving, caring." 

That's just childish wishful thinking. 

"He is almighty." 

Your magical being is not real because it's impossible. There is no magic in the universe. 

"Your opinion?" 

Reality is not an opinion.


This blog has 799 posts about Christian retards at http://darwinkilledgod.blogspot.com/search/label/Christian%20retards.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Every day at least one Muslim asshole blows himself up.

"Thursday 17 August 2017: Gaza officials said a suicide bomber blew himself up at a checkpoint at the border with Egypt early on Thursday morning."


Why do Muslims blow themselves up?

Stupidity is a big part of the problem. These assholes for Allah think their magic god fairy will magically put them back together again so they can live in a magical paradise forever.

Christians retards have the same moronic fantasy but at least they don't blow themselves up.

Is the bible god real? Of course not. The bible god fairy is just a fantasy for gullible morons who are willing to believe any bullshit that makes them feel good. A Christian retard invoked some professional morons to defend the genocidal maniac bible god.

According to all these people and the facts they present, he is real.
"New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy" by Robert J Spitzer
“The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict Fully Updated To Answer The Questions Challenging Christians Today” by Josh McDowell
"Gods Undertaker, Has Science Buried God" by John Lennox
"The Reason for God" by Tim Keller
"Signature in the Cell" by Stephen Meyers
"The Language of God" by Francis Collins
“The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel


I've heard of some of these idiots. For example Stephen Meyers who is one of the crackpots at Crackpot Central, aka the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute. Evolution makes Meyers cry.

Francis Collins is a scientist. He disgraces his profession. He might be good at some stuff but he's obviously just plain fucking stupid.

I never heard of this asshole: "Gods Undertaker, Has Science Buried God" by John Lennox

The answer is yes. Science, especially evolution, has made the Magic Man's magical powers unnecessary. Even without the scientific progress which will never end, the idea there's a magical being hiding somewhere in the universe has always been a childish fantasy.

There is lots of burning stupid in Idiot America.


The gibberish in the disgusting bible is ridiculous.

I recommend "GOD, The Most Unpleasant Character In All Fiction" by Dan Barker.

All of Idiot America is infected with the god disease but in the Bible Belt this mental illness is an epidemic. Millions of bible thumping assholes. Evolution makes these morons cry.

I live in south Florida just below the Bible Belt but it's extremely god-soaked here. Lots of bible thumpers and evolution deniers.


Is "Pearls Before Swine" a comic strip about a rat and pig and other creatures or is it some moronic gibberish in the ridiculous bible?

Comments for this comic strip are at https://www.arcamax.com/thefunnies/pearlsbeforeswine/s-1986472

A Christian explains the bible bullshit is at http://www.authentic-christianity.net/2009/04/pearls-before-swine.html

"In Christ, God was reaching out to the unfaithful people who had spurned the Almighty for so long. The new covenant is about to commence through the power of the Spirit. This blessing is the birthright of the Sons of Jacob. However, they were in danger of rejecting that gift without realizing it through their lack of faith."

There's that word "faith" again. Faith is an excuse to believe in any bullshit that makes a coward feel good.

"the power of the Spirit"

What a bunch of fucking bullshit. This is the 21st century FFS.

What country has the highest percentage of god-soaked morons?

What country has the highest percentage of god-soaked morons?

The winner is Idiot America.

From wikipedia:

The United States has the largest concentration of Evangelicals in the world; its community forms a quarter of the population, is politically important and based mostly in the Bible Belt.[4]

Evangelicalism is a worldwide, transdenominational movement within Protestant Christianity which maintains the belief that the essence of the gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ's atonement.[1][2] Evangelicals believe in the centrality of the conversion or the "born again" experience in receiving salvation, in the authority of the Bible as God's revelation to humanity, and in spreading the Christian message.

Imagine the breathtaking stupidity required to believe this bullshit.