Sunday, August 6, 2017

There is nobody on this planet more fucking stupid than an American Christian science denier. There's millions of these know-nothing stupid fucking assholes.

"God, truly, did not have anything to do with evolution, as it is entirely false."
Thanks for showing off your total ignorance of science and your obvious fear of science. You could use Google to look things up and educate yourself but you would rather hide in your everything-is-magic fantasy land.
Evolution by natural selection and genetic drift is the strongest fact of science. It's ridiculous I have to tell you this in the 21st century.
I repeat: Look things up. There's tons of information out there. If you're too lazy or too afraid to educate yourself that's your problem. Nobody cares. So don't waste my time. I don't explain science to a know-nothing science denier for the same reason I don't teach dogs how to play chess.

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