Saturday, August 5, 2017

Idiot America is infested with idiots.

The god disease is an epidemic in Idiot America. Mostly it's Catholics and Christians. Most of these lunatics are creationists. Evolution makes them cry.

They're all brainwashed. A large percentage of the normal people in America (aka atheists) were brainwashed but after they grew up they threw the god bullshit out.

Why are some people able to grow up and face facts despite the brainwashing while most of these victims never grow up?

I'm not sure but I think this is the problem: The god-soaked who refuse to grow up are just plain fucking stupid.

They're easy to identify. I can notice almost immediately who has a zero chance of growing up. It's very obvious. You can see the extreme stupid in their faces, the way they act, and what they say.

Stupid can't be fixed.

Religious brainwashing is legal even though it's child abuse. If it was up to me the child abusers would be put in prison but it's not up to me.

The solution is competent science education, especially evolution, and preferably starting at a very young age before the brain damage becomes incurable.

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