Sunday, August 13, 2017

When a creationist fucktard asks me a dumb question about evolution (never caring what the answer is) I send the moron to

Evolution deniers (aka creationists because they think the Magic Man magically created millions of species out of nothing) never ask a question to learn something. They're only interested in wasting people's time. They don't waste my time. I send them to Then I tell the morons to stop being so fucking lazy and educate themselves.

"Google is your Friend, but you don't seem to understand!"

"Someone thinks you're too lazy to use Google before asking a question. Now someone is tired of answering stupid questions and sent you a link to this site to point out that you can easily find the answer yourself. Please do so."

In this world there are geniuses, intelligent people, people with average intelligence, people with below average intelligence, and then below that are creationist retards. It's impossible to be more fucking stupid than a creationist asshole. Here in Idiot America there are millions of these dipshits.

"The denial of evolution requires denial of the bedrock of two centuries of biology and geology. That is quite a feat." -- Sean B. Carroll

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