Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some friendly advice for Christian assholes.

When you Christian tards are talking to a normal person (also known as an atheist) you should not waste your time and the normal person's time with quotes from your idiotic disgusting worthless Bible. When you thump your Jeebus Holy Book you are only providing evidence for your breathtaking stupidity and insanity. And when you use your Bible to insult normal people, you are only proving you're a fucking asshole.

Also, Christian morons, if you want to make some dishonest claim about evolutionary biology, don't bother because normal people will only laugh at your ignorance and your cowardly fear of reality.

You looney Christians should spend less time complaining about normal people and more time trying to understand them. You should ask yourselves why at least one billion people in the world don't share your childish supernatural fantasies. You should consider the possibility the normal people are correct and you have been wasting your life being a fucking idiot.

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