Monday, August 15, 2011

The strange logic Christian tards use to justify their cowardly fear of evolutionary biology.

How do tards explain their denial of the strongest basic fact of science? Here's some examples:

"I don't want to admit I'm an ape and a descendent of ancient apes because I think that's a joke and an insult. Therefore, even though I know nothing about any branch of science, I say evolution is a myth and all the world's biologists are liars."

"If evolution is true then my childish heaven fantasy is false. Since I have been brainwashed to accept a magical paradise as fact, and since I'm too cowardly to accept reality, I say evolution is a myth even though I know nothing about it."

"I know for certain there's a magic god fairy because it has repeatedly talked to me. Since everything is magic thanks to my invisible fairy there's no need for natural processes, therefore evolution is bullshit even though the world's biologists claim the evidence is overwhelming and even though I never have and never will study any of that evidence."

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