Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The only people more disgusting than the Bible thumping evolution deniers are the idiots who accept both evolution and a magical god fairy.

Sean B. Carroll (Professor of Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Medical Genetics at the University of Wisconsin) wrote the priceless book The Making of the Fittest, DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution. He unfortunately, in a chapter where he complains about evolution deniers, sucks up to religious idiots who accept the facts of evolutionary biology but pollute this branch of science with their magic fairy (god used evolution to make people and other creatures, as if natural processes exist only to make a god's job easier).

This makes Professor Carroll part of the religious insanity problem. How are we suppose to rid the world of terrorism and the brainwashing of innocent children if our best scientists suck up to these superstitious imbeciles?

Sean B. Carroll, whose book is a must-read masterpiece, is unfortunately what I would call an atheist wimp. A suck-up who quotes professional religious assholes to defend evolution education from religious attacks even though he most certainly doesn't share their god fantasy.

However this post isn't about wimpy atheists. I want to write about the religious tards Carroll sucks up to. For more information about wimps please see the 21 posts I wrote about them.

This is from pages 241 and 242 of the book The Making of the Fittest, DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution.

Consider, for example, a recent statement by Reverend Richard Harries, the Bishop of Oxford; in a BBC radio "Thought for the Day," he expressed his sadness and concerns over the treatment of evolution: "Do some people really think that the worldwide scientific community is engaged in a massive conspiracy to hoodwink the rest of us? ... The theory of evolution, far from undermining faith, deepens it." This was quickly seen by Frederick Temple, later Archbishop of Canterbury, who said that God doesn't just make the world, he does something even more wonderful, he makes the world make itself.

Bishop Harries asked a good question. Evolution deniers (also known as cowardly Christian assholes) apparently do think the world's biologists are liars. Then Harries makes a fool out of himself with his childish disgusting "evolution deepens faith".

What the fuck? Sean B. Carroll doesn't question this bullshit but I'm going to do that right now. A basic scientific fact is, according to Harries, something that can make people more likely to believe in supernatural fantasies. Really? How? Harries is just making stuff up to justify his totally worthless profession.

Then there's Archbishop Temple who makes the wild idiotic claim that his Magical Master of the Universe (an invisible creature who has never shown itself) uses natural processes to create stuff, including life. Does he provide any evidence for this childish fantasy? No, of course not. Like Bishop Harries, Archbishop Temple is willing to say any bullshit that justifies his worthless career.

Also, Archbishop Temple, if natural processes are responsible for everything in the universe, what the fuck is your god fairy good for? What has it ever done? Obviously nothing. Therefore it doesn't exist. Of course it doesn't exist. A magical god is as idiotic a fantasy as the Easter Bunny. And Sean B. Carroll uses these professional religious tards to defend evolution from the religious war against it.

A better idea would be to stop sucking up to idiots. The goal of every scientist, when they're not busy doing their research, should be to help completely eradicate religious insanity from this planet. The Christian and Muslim war against science education will never end until every preacher, cleric, and other professional god-soaked scum are dead.

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