Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Virtually always the Christian disease is incurable. Here is one of the rare exceptions.

As usual thanks to PZ's blog, I found this example of a person who was an evolution denier and now apparently he loves evolution. I wrote a comment on his blog.

Human Ape said...
"he refused to even entertain the possibility that evolution was true or that God could have used evolution."

I assume that by now you realize "god could have used evolution" is bullshit. Natural processes, including natural selection, don't need magical intervention.

I also assume you now realize magic god fairies are not necessary for anything, therefore they are just childish fantasies. There's no magic, also known as god, in the universe.

Even without 21st century science the god hypothesis would still be an idiotic idea. A fairy who waves its magic wand hiding somewhere in the universe? What incredible bullshit.

Should normal people (atheists) debate religious tards (science deniers)?

Only if they enjoy wasting their time. Virtually always, insanity can't be fixed.

You however are one of the rare exceptions. You had what it takes to recover from the Christian disease. Congratulations and good luck.

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