Thursday, August 4, 2011

The stupidity burns in Idiot America.

PZ's website has an anti-science video from Answers in Stupidity. The video is almost worth watching because it demonstrates the dishonesty and breathtaking stupidity of Christian assholes. I wrote this comment about it:

Evolution false, therefore magic true. No evidence was provided for the magic, but I doubt their customers will care. The video was bullshit but the average American will have no problem with it.

They said apes are apes and people are people, but they forgot to mention people are apes. We evolved from ancient apes and like our chimpanzee cousins who evolved from the same ancient apes, we're still apes.

Their retarded customers never wonder why every biologist in the world loves evolution. Any curiosity they may have had was sucked out of them long before their first science class, and that's why their mental illness is virtually always incurable.

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