Monday, August 15, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry is a traitor who wants to destroy America's science education to defend his dead Jeebus.

The idiot in the photo is not a preacher man. He is Rick Perry (governor of Texas, science denier, uneducated moron, asshole for Jeebus) and he has a very good chance of becoming the next President of the United States (thanks to the overwhelming stupidity of American voters).

As governor of Texas, Rick Perry appointed a Christian idiot (Don McLeroy) to be chairman of the Texas State Board of Education. Like the cowardly Rick Perry, Don McLeroy is terrified of evolutionary biology and he did everything he possibly could to suppress the teaching of evolution in Texas schools, which is why Rick Perry appointed him.

McLeroy is no longer the chairman but not to worry Christian scum, because Rick Perry appointed another anti-science Christian asshole to be chairwoman of the Board of Education. This is from a news article less than one month ago:

AUSTIN, Texas -- The Texas State Board of Education meets this week for the first time under its conservative new chairwoman appointed by Gov. Rick Perry and is expected to rekindle the debate over teaching evolution and the origin of life in public schools. Perry, who is considering a run for president and has embraced social conservatives in Texas, named Barbara Cargill chairwoman earlier this month. Cargill, a biology teacher considered to be one of the more conservative board members, disputes the theory of evolution and voted to require that the theory's weaknesses be taught in classrooms.

Like our planet's orbit around the sun there are exactly zero weaknesses in evolution. Like every other branch of science there will always be research opportunities in evolutionary biology, but only a Christian tard would call these points for future understanding weaknesses.

Rick Perry has twice chosen an uneducated moron to be chairperson of the Texas State Board of Education because he wants biology teachers to be forced to lie to their students about science. This attack against America's science education is treason and Rick Perry should be put in prison for it. He certainly isn't qualified to be president of anything, therefore he has a good chance of becoming President of the United States thanks to Idiot America's voters.

I wrote about the retarded asshole Rick Perry in three other posts:


8/18/2011 UPDATE:

Idiot America's Christian assholes have disgraced my country (again) with their support for the way-beyond-retarded Texas Governor Rick Perry to be our next president.

Please see PZ's post about the breathtaking stupidity of Rick Perry, candidate for President of the United States: It’s going to be a long election season…

Putting both hands on the outside of the boy’s shoulders

Disgusting. The kid should have spit in the asshole's face when he did that.

Perry is the guy who has appointed three creationists in a row to head the Texas Board of Education.

That's interesting. I thought he appointed only two science deniers to be chairperson of the Texas State Board of Education.

Perry is just one of several uneducated morons who are Republican candidates for president and who have a history of trying to destroy science education to defend their dead Jeebus.

“It’s got some gaps in it,” Perry continues, “but in Texas we teach both creationism and evolution…”

Does Perry think our planet's orbit around the sun has gaps in it?

It's interesting Perry admits there's incompetent biology teachers in Texas who despite the Establishment Clause teach religious fantasies in their public school science classrooms.

The President of the United States is suppose to, according to the inauguration oath, "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." Perry would rather throw out the constitution so he can have his Christian theocracy.


  1. Here's a piece that should be required reading for anyone with thoughts of supporting *any* of the Republican hopefuls in 2012:
    These are truly frightening times for informed, intelligent Americans.

  2. I was more than a little shocked to see a Ron Paul ad on your Blog. IMO, he's nearly unmeasurably different from Perry, Bachmann, and the rest of the far right creationist christian republican crowd.

  3. I have no control over what google ads appear on my blog.

    Ron Paul is an evolution denier so of course he has my contempt.

  4. "I have no control over what google ads appear on my blog."

    LOL -- I guess the advertisers who pay Google to post those ads don't have much control, either. Another "victory" for stupidity.


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