Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Out of control stupidity from the Christian Post.

I wrote four comments at this website for Christian retards:

Human Ape
Calif. Science Center Allows MAGIC Film to Be Shown.

Magic, magic, magic, everything is magic according to Christian tards.

Calling magic "
design" doesn't make it any less childish.

From a previous comment: "
Why would I be interested in changing my beliefs if all you can say is that I'm stupid for believing what you don't believe?"

Because you should be interested in being less stupid. And you are bloody stupid.

Consider the advantages of growing up and not being a superstitious idiot.

You also wrote "
I also have a degree in Biology and I love science" then you stupidly say "I also believe that how our universe was created cannot be fully or accurately be described through either ID or Evolution. Both are only theories, not laws."

You have a science degree and you don't even know what a scientific theory is. A theory is the highest level of understanding in science. Higher than laws and facts. You don't even know what evolution is. Hint: evolutionary biology says nothing about the origin of the universe. You're either a liar or you graduated from a worthless Bible college. Even grammar students know more about science than you do. Then you complain when normal people correctly call you a tard.

You dishonestly say you love science when you're really a science denier. You say you have a biology degree and you deny the foundation of biology. And you call magic a scientific theory. You're pathetic.

So what are you, bloody stupid, a pathological liar, or both? I'm betting on both.


"I wanted someone to give me a good reason for why insults, sarcasm, and the general desire to tear an opponent apart is accepted as an intelligent argument."

When you uneducated morons who dishonestly call magic "design" stop disgracing America with your anti-science fantasies, the insults will end. It's morally wrong to not insult people who are too cowardly to grow up, who brainwash children to be superstitious morons, and who are constantly trying to dumb down science education to defend their dead Jeebus. Christians are equal to terrorists and they deserve nothing but contempt and ridicule.

You have a science degree but you believe in magical intelligent design creationism and you have the nerve to call your childish fantasy a scientific theory. If anyone ever deserved ridicule it's you.

  • "Just because I don't think the earth is that young I should automatically reject everything ID proposes and blindly follow every tenet of Evolution? Why is this debate only either/or?"

    There is NO debate. Evolution is the strongest basic fact of science. "Intelligent Design" are code words dishonest Christians use when they really mean "supernatural magic".

    Should you automatically reject everything MAGIC proposes?

    You disgrace your science degree.

    If you don't like being called stupid, why do you ask stupid questions?
  • -----------------------

    "What am I to think of those people who criticize me, but don't explain why they believe what they believe?"

    Since when did basic scientific facts like evolution become beliefs?

    It's obvious you learned nothing in that worthless Christian college you went to.


  1. You don't have to be an asshole to get your point across.
    You are NO better than the extreme evangelicals that make sites so hateful against things they don't believe in. You're just like that but godless. Chill out!!!

  2. Anonymous, it's morally wrong to not insult retards who are trying to destroy my country.

    You by the way need to get an internet name if you don't want your comments vaporized.

    And please fuck off. I have less respect for wimpy suckups like you than I have for Bible thumpers and terrorists.

    Wimps like you are part of the religious insanity problem and you have my complete contempt. You, sir, are a stupid worthless piece of shit.

    Christian assholes are constantly attacking science education, attacking scientific progress, and brainwashing innocent children to be like them, and anonymous wants me to be nice to these subhumans.

    Anonymous, you're as stupid as the idiots you suck up to. Fuck off tard.

  3. When I talk to xtians, I try to be nice. I try to be civil. I attempt to engaged them on the level I would want to be engaged on.

    But sometimes I want yell "How fucking stupid are you to believe this primitive bullshit!!!"
    And of late I decided just to call them on their shit instead of listening to the arguments of a child-brain.

    So Human Ape you keep on yelling and being rude and saying what needs to be said.


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