Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our common ancestor lived about six million years ago.

Evolution deniers, look at this family and then try to tell me this species isn't a cousin of human apes. If you had any common sense you would call this photo powerful evidence for our evolutionary relationship with chimpanzee apes.


  1. I look at this picture and I see us.
    A mother and father with their baby. The father playing with the little feet thinking (i am sure) wow look at this little guy we made and I am his daddy.

    That is us.
    Evolution deniers not only don't have any sense; they have no empathy either.

  2. Mr. Brannan, I had the exact same reaction to this picture of a chimpanzee family. Substitute human apes for the chimpanzee apes and there would be nothing else to change. The photo shows how much chimpanzees are like humans and how much people are like chimpanzees. Which makes sense since they are our closest non-human cousins.


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