Monday, August 29, 2011

"Creation scientists" is wishful thinking bullshit. There are no creation scientists.

If idiots invoke magic to solve a scientific problem they are not doing science. They are only being idiots.

Creation = magic = bullshit.

Magic is not science and the Christian tards who invoke magic are not scientists.

Understand Christian loons? Do you scum understand anything?


  1. Evolution theory is a joke. It's not science.
    Nor does the buffoon who runs this blog turn Evolution into science by calling it 'science,' or 'bedrock' etc. God created man. Man, life, matter.......none of these simply happened by accident. Like atheism or Evolution hopes.
    'The established truth of evolution....'
    What a comic. What evidence, clown? Here's your chance not to censor my post. And to provide your first best piece of evidence (since, according to you, the evidence is so 'massive'). And I'll reply to you here.
    How about it scumbag?

  2. Read these 68 posts, then get back to me you fucking retard.

    By the way asshole, how about some scientific evidence for your fairy's magic wand. Your stupidity burns. Typical Christian scum.

  3. You're from Riverdale, Georgia. I'm not surprised you live in the hick-infested Bible Belt. Fuck off retard.

  4. w, perhaps if you were to read something besides your silly fictitious bible, you might learn something. I highly recommend Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth," which gives a pretty complete accounting of the evidence for evolution, along with many, many references to the work of other scientists and details of their extensive work in verifying and documenting evolution. There are many volumes of incontrovertible evidence available for your enlightment, if you choose to open your deluded creationist mind even a tiny crack.

    Maybe I'm giving you too much credit ... you *can* read, can't you?

  5. Anyone who calls the foundation of biology a joke is incurably retarded. W is a waste of time. Even worse he's a fucking asshole. If he can't at least pretend to have some common sense he won't be polluting this blog again.

  6. "Anyone who calls the foundation of biology a joke is incurably retarded."

    Agreed. But since he asked for a "first piece of evidence," Dawkins' book seems to fill the bill. If he can get beyond the title page and still not see any "evidence," then he's obviously beyond hope. Any so-called christian/IDer/creationist who bothers to post his drivel here is probably a worthless troll anyhow.

  7. paul (and/or any other normal person), when and if "w" appears again, please feel free to take over for me because I've got no patience for lunatics.

  8. One more thing Mr. W.

    If you're going to be a guest on somebody's else blog, and if you call the owner of that blog a scumbag, you should expect to be permanently banned for being a fucking asshole. That's what I'm going to do to you unless you stop acting like a deranged crybaby. Do you understand tard boy? If you piss me off again all of your previous and future comments will be vaporized.

    It's obvious you're not interested in the evidence for evolution which you could have looked up yourself using google. Like most Christian assholes you are only interested in wasting people's time. I'm not going to let you waste my time again.

    Try to imagine what would happen to you, Mr. Cowardly Asshole Who Lives in his Mother's Basement, if you were a guest in my house and you called me a scumbag.

  9. Still one more thing Mr. W.

    You have one blog with one post. You have a list of blogs you follow and my blog is the only blog on that list.

    Apparently you have decided to make harassing me your major hobby.

    That ends right now. After thinking it over, I realize you're a deranged person and it would be senseless to tolerate your insanity again. Therefore no matter how many comments you try to write here, and no matter what you write, your comments will be vaporized. As of right now, you have been permanently banned from the only blog you follow.

    Also, since I know you live in Riverdale, Georgia it will be easy to identify you if you visit this place with a different internet name. No matter what name you hide behind, your comments will not be allowed. They will be vaporized.

    I have no tolerance for insane people, especially if they're stupid assholes like yourself. Fuck off tard.


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