Friday, April 20, 2012

The advantages of being normal

By normal I mean not a theist and not an agnostic. Normal is when a person has completely ruled out any possibility of supernatural bullshit including magic god fairies and all the other idiocy religions have invented.

Agnostics are not normal. Their idea that they can't be certain about the non-existence of gods is as idiotic as saying they can't be certain there's no Easter Bunnies. Agnostics are equal to theists, equally insane.

Normal people, also known as atheists, are much better off than people who are infected with the god disease. They don't have to deal with all the garbage that usually comes with the mental illness called theism. For example they don't have to worry about eternal boredom in a magical heaven. I will never understand why anyone would wish for a life after death. I would not want to have such a cowardly idiotic fantasy.

Normal people have the advantage of knowing exactly what they are. We are just apes on an extremely insignificant planet in an unimaginably vast universe. We are not infected with the ridiculous fantasy that somehow we are special and completely separate from the rest of nature. We know we are part of nature as is every other animal. This makes it easy for us to understand the importance of protecting and respecting the environment. When our species destroys nature we are destroying what we are part of. Too many theists don't understand this.

Normal people have the advantage of knowing they are free, instead of being slaves of some magical creature who has never been seen before. This is what many theists have become. They think they belong to what they call their loving god, a god that loves them so much it would torture them for eternity if they didn't suck up to it.

A big advantage of being normal, especially in an idiot country like America where the god disease is out of control, is knowing that even though we are a minority we know we're the only people in the country who are mentally healthy, totally free of any cowardly fantasies.

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