Thursday, December 16, 2010

My target audience: Christians who are still young enough to be saved from a lifetime of stupidity.

My target audience is not atheists, also known as people who are not superstitious morons.

My target audience are not the Bible Thumpers, also known as subhumans. They are hopelessly retarded and I would prefer they stay away from here.

This blog is for young Christians who are still in high school and who still have a small chance of escaping from the idiotic magical fantasy world they were born into.

If you're one of those young people who are starting to wonder if your parents and your idiot preachers are uneducated morons, you came to the right place. If you have at least average intelligence and if you read this whole blog, especially the posts with the label evidence for evolution, and if you listen to and/or read the speech in the first post (see the label Ken Miller), then you know enough to figure out the following 11 things.

1. Your parents are stupid.

2. Your preacher is a worthless asshole.

3. Evolution is a basic scientific fact, the strongest fact of science.

4. The development of the modern human ape species was a completely natural process. Magic god fairies had absolutely nothing to do with it. A god's magic wand was not necessary to invent, use, or guide evolution.

5. Every god ever invented is a god of the gaps.

6. Sticking a god into a gap is stupid for many reasons. Thanks to never ending scientific progress the god of the gaps is constantly being chased out of its hiding places. Cowardly Christians are so terrified of reality (no life after death) they try to stick their magic fairy into those hiding places anyway. Their philosophy is if something looks complicated then it must have been magically created. The truth is if something looks complicated to a Christian, that only means the Christian is a moron.

7. If a scientific problem has not been solved yet, that's not an excuse to invoke a fairy's magic wand. Gaps in human knowledge are called research opportunities or points for future understanding. They are not hiding places for a magical being.

8. The idea there's a magic god fairy hiding in the universe somewhere is as ridiculous and childish and idiotic as the idea there's a magic Easter Bunny who hides hard boiled colored eggs for small children to find.

9. People don't believe in a god because a god is real. They believe in a god because they are lazy cowardly morons who have been so brainwashed they have lost their ability to think, and even worse they have lost what comes naturally to every young person -- curiosity. A desire to understand instead of giving up and invoking magic, as in "god did it, problem solved".

10. You young Christians may have already lost your curiosity about the natural world, but it's not too late to get it back. All you got to do is think. I can't teach you how to think. That's something you got to learn how to do on your own. But here's a hint. If you believe the word spiritual is anything other than bullshit, you're not thinking.

11. Just remember -- there is only reality. Everything else is bullshit.


  1. I read the Tyson article you posted, but his logic doesn't make since to me. He seems to have respect for Newton as a genius and admits that when Newton got to the limits of his understanding that he attributed the unknown to God. But then he condemns anyone who would do that now as though a belief in God would stiffle a child's since of wonder. The arguement doesn't make since, obviously it didn't stiffle Newton's genius or curiosity. This is obviously the same logic your trying to use in this post, this magical fairytale land is the land that Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, and countless other scientific genius's lived their lives in. So just calling all christians stupid morons over and over doesn't really make it true.

  2. Mr. Larimer, you are taking about this post: The Perimeter of Ignorance -- A boundary where scientists face a choice: invoke a deity or continue the quest for knowledge which is a copy and paste job from Neil deGrasse Tyson. Other visitors should read it because it's important.

    You wrote "(God) obviously it didn't stiffle Newton's genius or curiosity."

    I don't think you understood Neil deGrasse Tyson at all. Mr. Tyson wrote "A century later, the French astronomer and mathematician Pierre-Simon de Laplace confronted Newton's dilemma of unstable orbits head-on. Rather than view the mysterious stability of the solar system as the unknowable work of God, Laplace declared it a scientific challenge."

    The point is Newton's belief in a magical god most certainly did stifle Newton's genius and his curiosity. Instead of solving this problem, he gave up and invoked the same magical god you believe in. It took another century before a scientist without the god problem was able to find the real solution, instead of the worthless god solution which didn't solve anything.

    By the way, if ever I meet a Christian who can understand simple concepts the first time they are explained, I will stop criticizing their lack of intelligence.

    I'm going to write a new post which will be a quote from the biologist Jerry Coyne. He explains why religious brainwashing (isn't that your career?) destroys any chance of the victims (innocent children) to become scientists.

  3. I just remembered. I already published the post with the quote from Jerry Coyne. Here it is: An important quote from Jerry Coyne, author of Why Evolution is True


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